FIND & FORAGE // how to create a festive Christmas centrepiece from your garden

DIY Christmas centrepiece - how to forage for your own festive table setting

We’re taking part in Joe Browns ‘Frock Me, It’s Christmas’ campaign

So, here we are – a few days before Christmas and most of us find ourselves housebound again.

Not so bad if you’re super organised and had all your Christmas prep sorted before the non-essential shops closed. Then you have the rest of us…

Luckily, I had all the presents covered, it was just the food and decorations still on my to-do list. OH volunteered to brave the supermarket queues and managed to grab most of what we needed for our hastily revised at-home Xmas.

Which just left table decorations.

I realised this year I’d have to think outside the festive box and create a DIY Christmas centrepiece. I remembered that a friend of mine had a huge holly tree in their garden, so I asked if I could take a few clippings. While I was there I noticed she also had a pine tree. ‘Clip away!’ she instructed.

Years of flat lays had left me with a cupboard full of seasonal goodies, and a look around unearthed strings of fairy lights, some wooden stars and dried orange slices.

Then I remembered the girls had gone on a pinecone hunt a few years back – another quick rummage revealed a bag full of pinecones, dried moss and lichen-covered twigs. Perfect.

I grabbed the battery operated candles I’d bought in the summer (they’re brilliant – have you tried them? They’re wax on the outside, but with a bulb inside to give them an authentic glow. They even have faux wicks that move around to give a flickering appearance).

They formed the main part of the arrangement, and around them I laid the foraged foliage. Next, I wound in the copper wire fairy lights, and dotted in the pinecones, stars and dried orange slices. Finally, I used soft puffs of moss to fill in the gaps.

Et voilĂ ! My very own DIY Christmas centrepiece, foraged entirely from the back garden and the back of my cupboards. What do you think?

I was invited by fashion and homewares retailer, Joe Browns, to enter my Xmas table in their fun ‘Frock Me, It’s Christmas’ campaign, in celebration of this year’s slightly unusual, but no less special, festive season.

DIY Christmas centrepiece - find everything you need in your cupboards and back garden.

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