FESTIVE FEELS // why I’m bringing Christmas forward this year

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I’ve tried hard to find the positives in this surreal year.

And there have definitely been some – I’ve whipped our family finances into shape, ticked off my most of my outstanding DIY ‘to-do’ list, relished the slower pace of life and even managed to brush up on my long-neglected Italian.

Despite scrabbling for all the silver linings, there’s no escaping the fact this year has been been sullied with worry and dotted with disappointments – like my Mum having to cancel her summer visit from New Zealand.

But now there’s a vaccine light at the end of the Covid tunnel. We’ve survived one of the greatest modern threats to humankind, and we’ve come through with health and humour intact (touches wood).

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned to do this year, it’s to appreciate all the things may have previously taken for granted, and to celebrate all the little joys in life.

And that’s why I’m bringing Christmas forward this year…

Now, I adore the festive season. I love the lights, the corny Christmas movies, present shopping and drinking gingerbread-spiced lattes.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t dream of bringing up the ‘C Word’ before the calendar flips over to December, but we’ve been religiously following rules since lockdown began back in March… now it’s time to break a few.

So when we were sent a festive hamper courtesy from Lakelovers, inviting us to sprinkle some early Xmas magic in our homes, I wasn’t prepared to wait another minute.

Covid can take our summer, but they will never take our Christmas!

The basket was packed with decorating goodies to add instant festive flair to your surroundings this Christmas, whether you’re spending it at your own home, with family, or if you’re lucky enough to stay at one of the lovely Lake District Cottages from Lakelovers.

These lovely traditional garlands and decorations could even be packed up and squeezed into your suitcase so you can give your accommodation a festive facelift; some personal touches to give it a magical ‘Christmas Cottage’ feel.

Your holiday home away from home.

As soon as the evenings close in I turn on the battery-operated candles (these are genius – they’re completely safe and surprisingly realistic, and add instant ambience to the room), light my orange and cinnamon oil lamp, and drink in the festive vibes.

As cheesy as it sounds, it just make me so happy just to look at the decorations, the pine cones, the red berries, the pine needles coated with faux snow. And how cute is the Yuletide stag?

After a truly abysmal few months, we could all do with something joyous to look forward to, so this year I’m milking Christmas for every last festive drop.

Sorry, not sorry.

Thank you to Lakelovers for our lovely festive hamper and for understanding why I’m bringing Christmas forward this year.

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