FROM SKI RUN TO THE SCHOOL RUN // how to keep warm and look great, on & off the slopes

Warm and stylish winter jackets main shot - yellow jacket

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It’s a controversial view, but I love it when winter starts to tighten it’s icy grip.

I arrived in the UK straight from subtropical Sydney, and for the first 15 or so years I questioned all my life choices every time winter rolled around.

It was a cold like I’d never known before. My lips would chap and my skin would literally burn from the freezing winds, and I’d spend my evenings with the thermostat cranked to the max, shivering in my wooly layers.

But then something unexpected happened – not only did I acclimatise, I actually came to relish the cold. Summer now seemed hot and uncomfortable, and I looked forwards to returning to the crisp, dark evenings.

It helps that cold-weather clothing has come a long way too – modern winter styles now take the lead from professional sportswear ranges, effortlessly crossing from slopes to the streets with warm and stylish winter jackets.

Warm and stylish winter jackets - leopard jacket

One company leading the way is Protest.

A design-led, eco-conscious company, PROTEST was set up in Holland in 1993 by a group of snowboarders determined to provide fashionable and functional winter sports wear at affordable prices.

Nearly 30 years on, the company has produced a range men’s and women’s ski and snowboard jackets that look equally at place on the school run AND the ski run.

Winter sports wear used to be synonymous with glaring neons and garish patterns, but fashion has finally found its way to the snow fields. These designs aren’t just brilliant at warding off the icy temperatures, they’re stylish enough to wear anywhere, from that countryside walk, to catching up for coffee with friends.

These warm and stylish winter jackets include funky leopard print, retro 80’s block colours, luxurious velvets and classic plaids.

Gone are the days of heavy, bulky winter coats you could barely move in – these modern jackets are made of recycled polyester, nylon and rubber, making them lightweight and warm, and environmentally responsible too.

Sustainability is a key focus at Protest, where damaging PFCs (a non-degradable mixture of chemicals that waterproofs material) are being phased out, and replaced with a more natural, fluorine-free alternative.

The company even harnesses solar energy to completely power its offices.

They also have a gorgeous range of soft, snuggly women’s fleeces. Again, they’ve been given a style makeover so they’re comfy and classy, and transition seamlessly from city centre to ski field.

The range of men’s fleece tops provide a warm, practical mid-layer to go under the men’s ski and snowboard jackets.

Given the chance to try out one of Protest’s warm and stylish winter jackets myself, I struggled to settle on just one from their contemporary range.

Finally, I decided on this Colby faux fur ski jacket, because I loved the longer line, drawstring waist and the quirky contrasting detail.

Warm and stylish winter jackets - Colby jacket

Waterproof on the outside, yet breathable on the inside, this jacket is perfect for our weekend countryside dog walks.

However, there’s no mistaking this is styled for the slopes, with built-in lift pass and goggle holder, ventilation zips and an elasticated powder skirt to prevent snow from getting inside.

If you fancy trying one of the styles yourself, use the code ‘littlemonkey10‘ to get 10% off your purchase (valid until 28 February, 2021).

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