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Scandi-style plants for the home - main shot of Hoya

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I make absolutely no secret of, or apology for, my plant obsession.

I loved houseplants way before the botanical look came back into fashion, so much so, my dream as a child was to live in a house full of Boston ferns and spider plants. The 80s and houseplants went hand in hand, but for some unfathomable reason plants went out of fashion.

The 90s were all about sunflowers and silk flowers and that plant equivalent of beige – the ficus. The noughties heralded the arrival of the Phalaenopsis orchid; no home was complete without at least four in varying degrees of bloom. To get them to flower again once the original spike had died was considered the height of green-fingered success.

Then, finally, my patience paid off… plants were back in vogue again.

And how gloriously they returned – not just in one or two pots, but in tangles of scandi-style plants for the home, and green plant walls and urban jungles. Botanical heaven.

For a long time we had no space to devote to my plant passion, but then the renovation gave me new living areas to decorate and display units to fill. I began to make up for lost time, buying a plant here and a pot there.

And that was it. My obsession had been reignited and before long I’d created my own living plant wall.

But I wasn’t going to stop there; I couldn’t even if I wanted to (which I didn’t). Even as I was watering my newest plant baby, I was searching online for the next.

I didn’t have a type – I loved hanging plants, ivy, succulents, ferns and cacti. Plants that love low light, plants that love sunlight, plants that need lots of water, plants that don’t like much at all… they were all welcome at mine.

So when Merje from the online Scandiscapes got in touch to ask if I wanted to try one of their gorgeous houseplants from their Scandi-inspired botanical range, it was a no-brainer. I was made for this.

I must have spent at least an hour poring over the site, falling in love with every plant I looked at, until deciding on the perfect new addition to our family: this gorgeous Hoya carnosa ‘Albomarginata’, a variegated semi-succulent with leaves ringed in a delicate pale pink.

Not only does it look lovely, it’s low maintenance and in just a few weeks of living with us has sent out three flower spikes I can’t wait to see burst into bloom (apparently it’s a cluster of sweet-smelling star-shaped flowers).

The pot I found at Anthropologies after scouring the web for just the right shade of pink to highlight against the Stiffkey Blue colour-matched walls.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Huge thanks to Scandiscapes for not just understanding, but also encouraging my obsessive love of scandi-style plants for the home, and for hooking me up me up with my newest love.

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