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I’m the first person to admit my diet could do with some tweaking.

I’ve never particularly enjoyed the process of cooking, so my meals usually lean towards the ‘quick-and-easy’ end of the spectrum. You know what I mean – breaded chicken, ready made spaghetti bolognese, salads in containers – dishes I could literally pretty much just plonk on a plate.

I told myself it was because it took too long to prepare and make meals from scratch; I was a busy working mum – I didn’t have time for that kind of indulgence. Except lockdown has made something abundantly clear… making healthy, nutritious food is actually pretty easy. 

Which inspired me to take a closer look at my overall health and I had to admit my nutrition could do with a boost.

I’d been feeling a bit ‘meh’ – no doubt the combination of coronavirus anxiety, lockdown cabin fever and not being able to get to my beloved gym classes. When I was nominated by my fab friend Honest Mum to try Lumity Morning & Night supplements, I was excited to try these scientifically calibrated vitamins (I mean, how fancy does THAT sound?).

Packed into each soft-gel capsule is a blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, quality omegas and essential nutrients, specifically designed to replenish your body when the hectic pace of life grinds you down. To get the full benefit of all those lovely vitamin goodies, you take three each morning, and three each night; the two versions work with your natural circadian rhythms to provide different benefits – energy and vitality during the day, relaxation and healing at night.

It was pure coincidence that the chance to try these ended up being in the middle of a global pandemic, but also great timing as I was keen to take all the immunity boosting supplements I could get my hands on.

When they arrived I was also pleased to see the day version included selenium; not just an antioxidant and an immunity booster, this mineral also promotes better sleep – the holy grail for people (like me) who struggle with insomnia.

One of the things I battle with during school holidays is getting out of my routine, getting up later than usual, then feeling sluggish all day. Since I’ve been taking the supplements, this hasn’t been the case – I’ve been waking up feeling refreshed and with enough energy to make it through the pain of homeschooling and beyond… and that’s without the coffee shop latte I usually rely on to get me going in the morning.

Is it the supplements? Obviously I can’t say with absolute certainty, BUT I have not (and never will be) a natural morning person, so the fact I’m waking up feeling ready to take on the day says volumes to me.

If you feel like you need a little lockdown lift yourself, use the discount code ‘STAYHOME20’ to get yourself a very generous 20% off these immunity boosting supplements. You can either buy a one off box for £75, or set up a monthly subscription for £65 per month (both pre-discount).

Get strong and stay safe!

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