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Organic fruit cereal bars - gym flat lay

If you’ve read about my accident-prone life, you won’t be surprised to hear why I had to cancel my gym membership a couple of years ago.

I’d not long recovered from dislocating my shoulder and breaking my hand, when I slipped down some stairs, landing hard on my butt and breaking a rib from the impact. Not wanting to pay for something I didn’t have a hope of using for ages, I ended up cancelling my membership.

The rib took forever to heal – not helped by the woman who rear-ended my car last Christmas – so it was only this summer that OH and I went on a joint health kick and signed the entire family up to our local gym. The children’s classes were a Godsend during the summer holidays, and I fell back in love with my regular fitness routine.

My classes are usually just before or after lunchtime, so I try to eat something substantial in the morning, and grab something on my way to the gym to give me an energy boost. Often, it’s something light – like these Noberasco BioBreak organic fruit cereal bars I was recently invited to try.

I added them to my weekly Ocado shop via the site’s Ciao Gusto Italian Deli – a dedicated online section that brings together over 30 of Italy’s most popular brands. With a click of a button you can choose from a range of authentic Italian products – from Barilla pasta and Cirrio sauces and Filippo Berio olive oil, to Auricchio cheeses and Negroni charcuterie and Valsoia dairy free ice cream.

Everything in the Ciao Gusto Italian Deli has been selected for its great quality, and the partnership with Ocado means you can order what you fancy and have it dropped straight to your doorstep.

I’m not usually the biggest muesli bar fan, but Noberasco is known for its quality range of nuts and dried fruits, so these were packed with flavour-packed chunks of organic fruit – including cranberries, blueberries, mango and goji berries – mixed with seeds, nuts and grains.

In the past I’ve been guilty of grabbing something sugary to stave off my mid-afternoon slump, so I also liked the fact they were sweetened with natural ingredients, such as rice and agave syrup, and reduced-fat cocoa. I was getting my sweet kick, but without all that damaging sugar (Big Sis loved them too; she’s not much of a breakfast eater so she’d take one to eat on the way to school).

These organic fruit cereal bars are the perfect tasty and nutritious midday snack. 

Organic fruit cereal bars - festive shot

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