GETTING MY GLOW ON // restoring radiance with Age-Defy+

Radiant skin for older women

Back in the nineties, when my face was still young enough to glow, I smothered all that lovely natural dewiness with pancake foundation and a thick dusting of powder. 

These days I’d sell my soul for the same youthful sheen I used to cover up. The irony, huh? 

Luckily for me, those clever folks at Green People have come to my rescue.

Founder Charlotte Vøtz spent years working on her signature range, Age Defy+, specialist skincare for women aged over 35. She meticulously researched the skin-enhancing properties of organic plant-based ingredients to find the perfect blend of botanicals, plant stem cells and phyto-actives.

The aim is not to reverse ageing (as much as we might like to) but to help achieve youthful, radiant skin for older women.

As we age blood circulation slows down and less oxygen reaches the skin cells, meaning they don’t renew as quickly and skin can look dull and parched.  Added to that, the extreme summer heat had zapped my skin of moisture, and not even my trusty hot cloth cleanser – my go-to radiance restorer – was making a difference.

When I was given the chance to try the brand-new Hydra-Glow Sleep Mask, I hoped this might help bring some sparkle back to my skin. The carefully researched cream contains active ingredients including Green Macro Algae, which assists with collagen stimulation, Caesalpinia Spinosa, which helps retain moisture, and Olive Squalane, a natural emollient that reduces water loss and leaves skin nourished and soft.

‘This mask will be your new best friend,’ promised Romy, the lovely PR for Green People.

We first met nearly 10 years ago, when Big Sis was just a baby and suffering from terrible eczema. Romy introduced me to the Organic Babies range, which was free from the artificial nasties (including parabens and sodium laureth sulfates) that had been irritating her skin. Later, she told me about their amazing sun tan lotion, the ONLY one I found that didn’t cause Big Sis’s eczema to flare up.

Since then I’ve been thrilled to work with them on many occasions, trying everything from their luxurious body washes, to their Damask Rose Facial Oil (Big Sis also tried their brilliant OY! tween skincare range).

Radiant skin for older women

I started applying the mask a few times a week, straight after I’d cleansed my face at night and before I went to bed. The cream was rich (but not too thick) gliding easily over my face and neck, and the formulation had a deliciously herby fragrance. I only needed a small amount, and it was instantly absorbed by my thirsty skin, leaving it feeling really smooth and soft.

I didn’t visually see a difference straight away – that cream clearly had a lot of work to do – but after a couple of weeks I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and did a double take. My skin looked really soft and dewy – there was literally a sheen to my cheeks – and I realised the uncomfortable tightness I felt after I washed my face was almost gone too.

It felt like the moisture that summer had stripped away had been restored again – and I didn’t have to do anything but go to sleep! 

• Green People Hydra-Glow Sleep Mask, £32, helps restore radiant skin for older women – product was provided for purpose of review

Radiant skin for older women

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