WRITTEN IN THE STARS // my stunning hersey & son zodiac necklace

zodiac necklace flatlay

my zodiac necklace was kindly gifted by Hersey & Son

I don’t believe in astrology – I mean, how can every single person born in the same time period have the exact same character traits? It just doesn’t tally with my rational brain, or what I know of genetics and evolution, or the solar system for that matter.

However… in saying all of that… my God, am I a Capricorn, through and through!

Fiercely loyal (unless you betray my trust, then you’re dead to me), stubborn, logical, impatient and with an obsessive (some may say geeky) thirst for knowledge, I’m literally the poster girl for the goat.

Don’t ask me to explain it, because I can’t, which (as a Capricorn who needs to make sense of everything) drives me insane! Confusing love/hate relationship with my star sign aside, I also happen to happen to think the sea goat (if you’re not aware, Capricorn’s animal symbol is a rather curious mix of a goat head and a fish tail) is kinda badass.

So when London-based jeweller Hersey & Son asked if I wanted to try out one of their lovely new Zodiac & Birthstone Pendants, it was a big ‘yes please!’ from me.

Hersey & Son are one of the few remaining traditional Silversmiths in the UK; a small family business, they manufacture silver jewellery pieces by hand, from their London workshop.

I absolutely adore the story behind this brand, which began life with Michael Hersey back in 1955. Starting as an apprentice silver spinner, he perfected his trade before opening his own workshop in 1971. Then, in 1981, he was joined by his son, Stewart, who had trained as a silversmith.

Today, the company belongs to the National Association of Jewellers and is made up of a highly skilled team of silver spinners, silversmiths, polishers and engravers. In addition, all Hersey & Son pieces are hallmarked by the London Assay Office, which has been testing and declaring the quality of gold, silver and platinum for over 700 years.

I went to the Hersey & Son website to customise my very own zodiac necklace, selecting the Capricorn emblem in solid sterling silver (£40), a cabochon-cut light-violet Tanzanite gemstone (+£20), and a sterling silver ‘J’ initial charm (+£10).

A few days later my bespoke necklace arrived, cushioned on a bed of black velvet, nestled under a layer of tissue and packaged into this classy grey and silver presentation box.

zodiac necklace box

It was absolutely gorgeous and I loved that it had been made just for me – it wasn’t some generic design I was going to see on every other person (for an additional £10 you can even have the pendant of the star sign necklace engraved).

It’s these thoughtful, personal touches that make the Zodiac & Birthstone Pendant the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. 

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  1. Oh wow! That really is beautiful! It would make such a lovely gift for someone x

    • Lovely, aren’t they? Plus I love how they’re a traditional family business. x

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