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There aren’t many restaurants I’d return to again and again, but Giggling Squid is one of the few exceptions.

From the moment I finish my meal I’m already planning my next visit, taking a note of the dishes I didn’t get around to eating this time, and mentally adding them to my ‘definitely-order-next-time’ list.

It helps that the kids both love it there too – including Little Miss Fussy Eater, Lil Sis.

When I heard one of our favourite restaurants had introduced a new menu, I decided it was the perfect time to head back again to enjoy some old favourites and tick some more dishes off my ‘must-eat’ list (I won’t rest until I’ve worked my way through the entire menu). 

This upmarket chain is well-known as being both an authentic Thai restaurant with a kids’ menu, and also for its stunning locations – which are usually in beautifully renovated listed buildings (like the one we were visiting in Marlow, Buckinghamshire).

Their interiors are the perfect blend of rustic charm and modern whimsy, with traditional exposed wooden beams and plastered walls adorned with botanical prints, South-East-Asian-inspired tiles and huge bowls of orchids.

But, pretty surroundings aside, it was the food we came for.

As usual, the menu included a huge range of traditional and Thai-inspired dishes and, once again, I struggled to pick just a few dishes from the tempting spread – I wanted to order them all!

With great difficulty debate and difficulty we narrowed it down to a tantalising selection of tapas-sized dishes (you can also order one big dish if you’re not up for sharing), including Salt and Pepper Squid, Sleeping Honey Duck, Spring Rolls, Pork Dumplings, Mah Kwan Pepper Pork Belly, Delicious Thai Chicken Wings, Jasmine Rice, Chicken Fried Rice and Mild Chicken Massaman Curry.

By the time the dishes arrived, steam tendrils curling upwards and smelling absolutely divine, my mouth was literally watering.

Thai restaurant with a kids' menu sleeping honey duck

To be honest, I was lucky to get any photos of the food as everyone immediately started reaching for their favourites. Even picky Lil Sis was piling her plate high with salt and pepper squid, chicken fried rice and prawn crackers (which were so good we ended up ordering TWO extra bowls).

There wasn’t a single dish I didn’t adore, but if I was forced to pick one that stood out from the rest (after much deliberation) it would be the Sleeping Honey Duck.

I’m literally salivating now, remembering it; it was the perfect mix of sweet and spicy and umami (on a side note, I can never write ‘umami’ without saying it in a weird voice in my head). The tapas style selection meant we got to try loads of different flavours, but still felt lovely and full at the end.

It was lunchtime, so we chose not to go for dessert (although you can read about the amazing dishes we had the last time we visiting Giggling Squid Marlow), however… I did have a gorgeous glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc to wash it all down.

Thank you so much to Giggling Squid Marlow for inviting us to enjoy your amazing menu and your delicious selection of Thai food for kids – you’ll definitely see us again. Thai restaurant with a kids’ menu

• we were given a complimentary family meal for the purpose of review


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