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I remember so clearly getting my first watch.

It was around 1983 and it was a Casio G-Shock – which was a big deal back then as they were one of the very first digital watches you could buy, and it kinda made me a cutting edge trendsetter at my New Zealand primary school.

When I was a teen Swatch watches were the hottest things ever and I bought myself two – one with a see-through face that let you see the mechanism inside, and a black and white spotted one.

At one point wearing two Swatch watches was the absolute pinnacle of fashion, leaving me perfectly placed to ride that fashion wave too.

In my 20’s I picked up a Tag Heuer knock-off in the night market of Thailand. That one cost me the equivalent of a tenner, and I wore if for years (not condoning buying counterfeits, just to be clear, this was more than 20 years ago!).

Then came the mobile phone age, and you no longer had to wear a watch to tell the time – you could just check your phone instead. Everyday watch-wearing quietly went out of vogue and I didn’t wear one for years afterwards.

But recently I’d been getting a big fed up of never quite knowing what time it was – was I late? Early? Bang on time?

Rummaging around in my bag every time I needed to double check was beginning to irritate me – not least because my phone had a habit of working its way to the bottom of my bag, and I’d constantly have to stop and almost tip my bag upside down to find it.

With the girls getting older and Big Sis starting secondary school, my previous technique of arriving everywhere with seconds to spare wasn’t cutting it anymore – it was time to get organised.

I’d been thinking about getting a new watch for a while, but I hadn’t worked out which brand or style I wanted.

Nordgreen classy women's watches selfie

So I was thrilled to be approached by NORDGREEN to try a watch from their range of classy women’s watches.

I’m very particular about jewellery and only wear simple, classic pieces, so their minimalist Scandi-style instantly appealed to me (the same designer, Jakob Wagner, is also the inspiration behind the uber-stylish Bang & Olufsen brand).

There are three stunning styles – Infinity, Native and (my favourite) Philosopher. All come in either silver, rose-gold or gold (which is the newest addition to their range), as well as a choice of metal mesh or leather strap.

I chose the Nordgreen Philosopher with a mesh strap in gold, because it’s such a timeless colour and – after being a die-hard silver girl for as long as I can remember – I’ve found myself veering towards this warmer tone in recent years. I also loved that this style had a second hand and a date window (I’m forever losing track of what day it is, so this really is really helpful!). 

Finally, I’ve always loved oversized watches so opted for the larger 40mm face (it also comes in a 32mm size).

Nordgreen classy women's watches in hand

The watch arrived a few days later in a gorgeous presentation box, and it was even more beautiful than the photos I’d admired on the website. It had a reassuring weight to it, but wasn’t too heavy once I’d put it on, and looked elegant, classy and way more expensive than its £169 price tag (prices in the range start as low as £134).

But this Danish brand doesn’t just focus on beauty, they’re also committed to giving back.

When you buy a watch you can choose from three amazing social initiatives supported by Nordgreen, who will then donate to the cause of your choice – either two months of clean water to the Central African Republic, two months schooling for a child in India, or the preservation of 200-square feet of rainforest in Latin America.

Prices in the Nordgreen range start from as low as £134, but if you use the code JACQUI15 you’ll get a further 15% off your purchase (click HERE to check out the full range and take advantage of the discount). You can even pay the watch off in instalments, using the Splitit interest-free payment scheme – perfect if you want a great quality watch, but can’t justify the cost coming out all at once.

A gorgeous way to watch time go by.

Nordgreen classy women's watches lifestyle shot

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