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When we renovated our house last year the girls were still sharing one small room.

It worked fine for years, but we were conscious that the girls were getting older and deserved their own private space, so one of the things on our ‘must-have’ list was an extra bedroom. The girls could then have their very own place to hang out, do their homework or just hide away if they fancied it.

Lil Sis remained in their old room, which we’d extended, while Big Sis got a brand-new room that had been converted from our old bathroom.

While they both now had their own rooms, The trickiest part was configuring Big Sis’s new space, as budget and planning constraints had left us with a long but narrow bedroom. The space was there, but I knew I had to use it very carefully to maximise every square inch, and also create as much storage as possible.

Luckily, there are so many space-saving options to choose from, and if you shop around you don’t have to spend loads. One of the websites we looked at was Happy Beds, which has a huge range of high sleeper and bunk beds for kids. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted at first, so it was helpful to visit sites like this to see what was available, and also to measure out the dimensions and figure out exactly what we were working with.

The girls had a set of kids’ bunk beds in their old room, which I was initially going to keep in Lil Sis’s room, but then we decided to get a small double in there so we could use it as a guest room if needed. Big Sis needed a bit more thought, as a small double in her room would have used up all the width space.

I looked at single beds with storage underneath, like this one from Happy Beds range of kids’ storage beds, but at that stage we didn’t have wardrobes, so I knew I needed to also incorporate some hanging space.

kids' bunk beds grey sleeper with drawers

kids' bunk beds high sleeper with storage

After looking at loads of different options I eventually decided on a high sleeper cabin bed, similar to this clever Happy Beds design, with a desk area and wardrobe built in underneath. This style meant that we could squeeze in a bed and some essential storage, and still have some floorspace left over for a bedside table and a lamp.

It was the perfect solution for us in the post-renovation period, when the building work had finished but we still had endless decorating logistics to figure out and a million finishing touches to apply.

Eventually, we’ll look at switching it up again so the room grows up with her – I’m thinking of swapping the high sleeper for a day bed covered in cushions, so she can hang out with her friends after school, and convert it back to a bed at night.

But for now, it’s the perfect compromise. 

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  1. We have been looking at beds like this for my teen room. I love the one’s with the desks underneath especially as kids get older and get more school work.

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