BURSTING THE BUBBLE // summer fun with zuru water balloons

I read a quote recently, that said something along the lines of: ‘When kids are bored, just add water…’ and it stayed with me, because it’s just so true! 

When the girls were smaller I’d add blue food colouring to a bubble bath, and they were in heaven splashing around in the ‘magic’ water. On hot days, I’d fill two plastic tubs with water and sit them in there to cool down.

We’d gotten to that awkward stage of the school holidays, when the initial excitement had worn off and the girls were taking increasing delight in winding each other up. The back-and-forth bickering was driving me insane, so I pulled out my secret weapon – a Zuru Bunch ‘o Balloons Blaster, and enough water balloons to declare a watery war in our back garden.

‘Who wants to play with the water bombs?’ I asked. ‘Me! ME!!’ the girls both screamed.

The girls aren’t the kind of kids who sit on the sidelines, they – ESPECIALLY Big Sisthrow themselves right into every adventure – the louder, messier and crazier, the better.

I started by using the special Bunch ‘o Balloons filler. This clever device is a bundle of 35 skinny plastic straws, each with a deflated water balloon pre-attached. When you attach it to a tap or hose, the straws simultaneously fill all 35 balloons at once. Once at capacity, the pressure of the water forces the bulging balloon off the straw and the end cleverly seals itself – no more laboriously filling them one by one, and tying each one off.

In just minutes you can have an arsenal of 100+ water balloons primed and ready for battle.

The girls quickly realised there were several ways they could put the balloons to great use. The first was the tried-and-true pelt them at one another approach.

However, this quickly revealed a major flaw – Big Sis was a better aim, and much more competitive than her younger sister, who quickly found herself one the receiving end of a barrage of balloons.

Realising we were about one burst balloon away from a major strop, I suggested a change of tact: ‘Why don’t you see if you can burst them on your own heads – like eggs!’

Big Sis instantly accepted to the challenge…

Followed by Lil Sis, who discovered it wasn’t always as easy as it looked…

But we got there in the end…

Despite the initial watery dramas, the girls had an absolute blast playing with their ZURU BUNCH ‘O BALLOONS. Afterwards, it looked like a ticker tape parade had passed through our back garden with the rainbow of rubber remnants, but I made a game out of the clear-up operation (who can pick up the most? Ready, set, GO!) and it worked an absolute treat.

I was also rather impressed to discover that Zuru water balloons are 100% recyclable – sign up and you can collect and return your balloon fragments, foil packets and the plastic stems (also recyclable via your own domestic refuse collection) to TERRACYCLE, to be upcycled into brand-new products.

Finally, a wet afternoon we could actually enjoy! 

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  1. My girls love these. They are so much fun! You have just reminded me that I have some hidden away that I had forgotten about.

    • The best way to cure boredom AND cool down, right?! Girls had such a blast! x

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