I knew my girls loved Horrid Henry, but I didn’t appreciate quite how much until last winter, when we were invited to a very special VIP viewing of the brand-new series.

Not only did we get to see a sneak-peek at the all-new adventures, the girls had the huge privilege of meeting writer and producer Lucinda Whiteley, and two of the amazing voice artists – Tamsin Heatley (Mum, Great Aunt Greta, Miss Oddbod) and Wayne Forester (Dad, Beefy Bert, Aerobic Al).

I was pretty gobsmacked when the girls bombarded them with questions about every single character – even the little-known ones who’d only appeared on a few episodes – and started grilling Lucinda about different storylines. Each time new episodes were officially released on Netflix they were beside themselves with excitement, glued to the screen as they soaked up Henry’s whinge-laden words.

They would LOVE to be joining all the other hard-core Purple Hand Gang fans from this Friday, 23 August, when ‘Horrid Henry on the Big Screen‘ launches at Vue cinemas all across the UK. This cinematic homage to Henry is a compilation of some of his most horrid episodes, alongside some all-new music videos.

Sadly for my superfans, we don’t leave near enough to a Vue cinema to take advantage of this most momentous celebration of all-things Henry… but that doesn’t mean YOU have to miss out! I’m giving away a family pass to the Vue cinema of your choice, which can be exchanged for FOUR tickets to this new Horrid Henry movie on the day that suits you best.

Enter via Rafflecopter, below, and good luck!

e: 14:00, 22/8/19, UK only

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T&C’s: Prize is 1 x family ticket to Horrid Henry on the Big Screen, RRP: £20; prize will be emailed as a PDF after completion of the prize promotion; winner will be randomly selected via Rafflecopter; promoter’s and winner’s details available on request; your details will not be passed on or used for any other purpose than which is outlined. 


  1. Sadiyya Maryam - August 20, 2019 reply

    Definitely Horrid Henry himself!

  2. Moody Margaret

  3. Emma Walters - August 20, 2019 reply

    horrid henry! hes very funny

  4. Jo-Anne holton - August 20, 2019 reply

    All my boys love horrid Henry!!! So naughty and cheeky!! But also great books to get them reading

  5. CHRIS ANDREWS - August 20, 2019 reply

    Who is your favourite Horrid Henry character?

    Perfect Peter always raises a chuckle here

  6. Emma england - August 20, 2019 reply

    My boys are horrid Henry mad. They’ll definitely want to see this.

  7. Mandy Doherty - August 20, 2019 reply

    My grandson loves Henry and has renamed his younger sister Moody Margaret

  8. Catherine Bullas - August 20, 2019 reply

    The demon dinner lady.

  9. Definitely Horrid Henry, My son thinks he is hilarious 🙂

  10. Man Tat Chung - August 20, 2019 reply

    Amazing giveaway!

  11. Moody Margaret

  12. vera Bahounkova - August 20, 2019 reply

    Horrid Henry

  13. my sons love horrid henry

  14. lorraine Wright - August 20, 2019 reply

    I love perfect Peter(worm) but my son loves Henry

  15. Laura Tinsley - August 20, 2019 reply


  16. Horrid Henry himself, grandson has read a few of his books

  17. Miss Lovely xx

  18. My kids love horrid henry

  19. donna skelton - August 20, 2019 reply

    My son loves henry and is always laughing at the thijngs he does

  20. Moody Margaret

  21. melanie stirling - August 20, 2019 reply

    Moody Margaret.

  22. horrid Henry

  23. steph lovatt - August 20, 2019 reply

    Moody Margaret

  24. It would be Horrid Henry.

  25. Natasha Whitehead - August 20, 2019 reply

    My favourite character is Sour Susan and my girls love Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret.

  26. Lorraine Tinsley - August 20, 2019 reply

    My kids love Bert “urgh.. I don’t know”

  27. fiona waterworth - August 20, 2019 reply

    Perfect Peter

  28. Caroline Cordery - August 20, 2019 reply

    Mum is actually my favourite.I love voicing her when i read the stories.

  29. Emma Whittaker - August 20, 2019 reply

    My Daughter and I love Moody Margaret 

  30. Definitely Horrid Henry!

  31. Corinne Henson - August 20, 2019 reply

    My boys love Henry the most

  32. Emily Seldon - August 20, 2019 reply

    I like brummy brian (I think that’s his name) he’s really funny lol

  33. Nikki Campbell - August 20, 2019 reply

    Moody Margaret is our favourite. My son even named our chicken after her!

  34. Margaret Gallagher - August 20, 2019 reply

    Moody Margaret

  35. michelle o'neill - August 21, 2019 reply

    Horrid Henry!!

  36. It has to be Horrid Henry

  37. Catherine Stewart - August 21, 2019 reply

    Perfect Peter is so sweet!

  38. My son loves horrid henry the most!

  39. My son loves horrid henry the most! I like moody Margaret

  40. Andrew Hindley - August 21, 2019 reply

    Horrid Henry

  41. Claire Reavy - August 21, 2019 reply

    Horrid Henry

  42. Carol Anne Robson - August 21, 2019 reply

    My sons adore Henry but I must admit, I love Margret!

  43. Laura Turner - August 21, 2019 reply

    Perfect Pater is an all round family favourite for us.

  44. got to be henry

  45. Claire Wilkinson - August 21, 2019 reply

    My favourite character is Henry x

  46. Rude ralph all day long

  47. My favourite character has got to be the rockstar himself.. HORRID HENRY

  48. dawn bell-pope - August 21, 2019 reply

    moody margaret

  49. Caroline Smith - August 21, 2019 reply

    I love Moody Margaret – she’s so spoilt, you never know what she’s going to do next!

  50. henry

  51. Horrid Henry is best disliked when he is nice and polite. Ha-ha

  52. A K MACDONALD - August 21, 2019 reply

    Perfect Peter

  53. Horrid Henry himself.

  54. Horrid Henry himself!

  55. Darren Bourne - August 21, 2019 reply

    Moody Margaret.

  56. Simone Griffin - August 22, 2019 reply

    My son loves Henry but I like Moody Margaret – thanks for the chance x

  57. Definitely the rockstar himself… HORRID HENRY

  58. Lucy robinson - August 22, 2019 reply

    We all love Horrid Henry. We really makes us laugh.

  59. Perfect Peter is our favourite

  60. Leanne Hansell - August 22, 2019 reply

    Horrid Henry is my favourite character.

  61. Lisa Mcalley - August 22, 2019 reply

    Has to be Henry as he reminds me of my son I call Horrid Harry as he is 12 and always playing jokes and being huffy and sometimes horrid to his siblings

  62. Carol Boffey - August 22, 2019 reply

    my son loves horid henry

  63. Charlie Flynn - August 22, 2019 reply

    My son likes moody Margaret – he tells his big sister that its her 🙂

  64. Katie Mcginley - August 22, 2019 reply

    Horrid Henry

  65. julia wilkes - August 22, 2019 reply

    Henry all day long! On a daily basis messing around when the kids play practical jokes on me I say to them “stop being horrid” and HENRY at the end, just can’t resist haha.

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