ENCHANTED WOODLAND // a peek at lil sis’s bedroom makeover

contains some gifted products – all items not marked as such have been paid for

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since our house renovation was completed (the actual construction work, I mean, as there are a couple of rooms we haven’t touched yet and the decorating side of things is ongoing…).

Aside from our lovely new kitchen-diner, my favourite room in Lil Sis’s ‘Enchanted Woodland’ bedroom. Both girls used to share this room, which was originally a pokey box room before we opened it up with our side extension. It’s now a good-sized, airy room that gets loads of morning sun.

I decided to go with a dark grey paint on the walls, to give the room a cosy, enclosed feel. Originally I’d planned to cover one end with woodland-themed wallpaper, but I’m glad we never got round to it, as we’ve gone on to find loads of lovely accessories for the room and I think it might have looked cluttered with a patterned wall.

Some of the bedroom decorating ideas have been entirely intentional, while others have come about organically. We ended up getting a small double bed so her room could double for a guest room if needed. But after years of sleeping in a bottom bunk,  the size and openness made her feel exposed and she actually struggled to sleep at first.

I had the idea to get her a canopy that draped around the bed like a tent, so she’d feel more ‘tucked in’ at night time. Not only did it work well, it looked cute and fit in brilliantly with the theme too. I walked in one day it suddenly hit me what the room still needed – a little burst of colour to give it a lift. A quick look on Etsy and I found the perfect finishing touch – a pom-pom garland that I had custom made in rainbow pastels.

I’ve really enjoying finding bits and bobs for her room, including this lovely fellow which I picked up in the Sainsbury’s Home sale for £7 (this one isn’t available anymore, but they currently have this wooden rabbit in stock).

The toadstool came from the gift shop at Blenheim Palace, in Oxford, and this little silver cutie I discovered in a charity store for £3.

Lil Sis initially had a small mirror in her room, but as our resident fashion plate, it was clear she needed something more substantial. So when Beautify got in touch to see if we wanted to try something from their range of fabulously on-trend, budget-friendly products, I went straight to their £64.99 white light-up armoire.

Not just a full-length mirror, this opens up to reveal loads of storage for your make up and jewellery, and even has a loop on the side to hold your hairdryer (which we actually used to hold some pretty faux flowers).

Next to the bed I’ve put a simple black-brown Ikea bedside table and what could possibly be the quirkiest, coolest lamp I’ve ever seen, this Lepus Gold Ceramic Hare Lamp, £30, that was gifted to us from Iconic Lighting.

To be honest, I took a bit of a gamble with this lamp – I knew something really intrigued me about it, but it was a big leap from my usual ‘safe & simple’ style. I decided to go for it and I’m so glad I did, as it’s added a lovely whimsical element to the room.

I also wasn’t sure if the gold would look right, as the rest of the room is decorated in cool colours, but somehow it just worked – a punt that paid off! 

This adorable ceramic rabbit was gifted to us last year by Soak & Sleep (it’s currently out of stock, but when I did a quick Google search I found a few similar products).

This shelf is probably one of my favourite things in Lil’s Sis’s room. She needed some more storage and I thought some shelves would help to break up a blank wall, but I wanted to try and integrate them as a design feature.

I searched ‘cloud shelves’ and found a few around the £20 mark, but then came across this one from The Range for just £9.99, which was perfect! I bought two of them, and Lil Sis uses them to store her much-loved Bella Broomstick book collection and some of her favourite ornaments (gold monkeys bought from Dunelm, ceramic cat plant pot from Next, and 3-D butterflies from eBay).

I’m so pleased with how her Enchanted Woodland room has turned out; my next task is to finish off my own room redecoration. I’ve sorted a few bits and bobs already and have a weekend of painting ahead of me, so watch this space for the final reveal!

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How to decorate a kid's bedroom in an Enchanted Woodland theme #kidsbedroom #woodlandtheme



  1. This makeover is awesome! How long did it take?

  2. Hi, it took a couple of months all up, as it took time to find the perfect little decorating items! x

  3. That’s a cute makeover! Enchanted woodlands are a gorgeous theme. Love it!

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