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We often joke that Big Sis is a descendant of Mowgli from The Jungle Book. Not only does she kinda look him, but she takes immense pride in her tomboy status and nothing makes her happier than running full-tilt through fields, leaping from high altitudes and dangling off tree branches.

Lil Sis loves being active too – although in a slightly more contained manner – so I knew they’d both adore the BARRACUDAS kids’ activity camp. We were invited to join for a day, and were excited to discover a camp was running just a few minutes drive up the road from us.

What I immediately loved was the flexibility of the camps – you can sign up for a single day, or for weeks at a time (a Godsend for full-time working parents). Our local camp worked out as little as £40 per child per day, or £164 for the entire week (£32.80 per child, per day). You can pay in full when you book, or secure with a deposit and pay in instalments;  you can even use your childcare vouchers to settle the bill.

The kids, however, had no interest in such details – they wanted to know what there was to do! 

If you go on the website there’s a sample timetable that outlines the kind of activities available, which is basically HUGE range that includes everything from lava making and archery, to go-karts and talent shows. Whether you’re super sporty, or not at all, there’s something to appeal to all kids.

The girls wore comfy casual clothes – leggings and sweatshirts and trainers – that they could get dirty without worrying. All the activities are set up and run by the Barracudas team – all we had to provide was a packed lunch, a swimming costume and a towel (some sites don’t offer pool-based activities, so make sure you check beforehand). The timetable is confirmed on the day (because some activities are weather dependent) and the children get to pick from two different age-tailored choices, for each of the six daily sessions.

Everything seems to be set up for maximum ease and convenience – you can drop off anytime between 8.30 and 9.30, and pick up between 4.30 and 5.30 (pay a little bit extra and you can drop off from 8am, and pickup until 6pm).

When I dropped them off at the site in the morning and it was like a well-oiled machine – there were three people ticking names off the registry and taking in the information sheets (you only have to do this the first time you check in). I was given a card to present when I picked the girls back up, and was also given a password (which changes daily) that I had to quote for security reasons.

At the end of the day the girls stumbled out with big, exhausted grins on their faces.

‘Well?’ I asked. ‘It was amazing!’ they both replied. ‘We went swimming and played games and went go-karting and did crafts and CAN WE GO BACK AGAIN NEXT WEEK?!’

I think it’s safe to say Barracudas was a hit.

Thanks to the Barracudas team for inviting the girls along for the day; we’ll definitely be back!



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