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contemporary art prints with plant

gifted review + collaboration 

My bedroom has always been my little bolt hole – a place where I can escape from the daily craziness to read a book, or catch up on the latest Real Housewives episode (don’t judge me). 

But once I started suffering from chronic insomnia my little hideaway became associated with all the wrong feelings – anxiety, frustration and dread; my room was no longer my sanctuary, but my nemesis.

I knew it was largely psychological, that the sleepless nights had become so ingrained the mere sight of the room was now triggering those feelings of helplessness. So I decided to change the view. 

The original rooms weren’t included in last year’s big renovation, so over the last couple of months I’ve been making little tweaks here and there. I started with a massive clear out session: I filled bags and bags of old clothing and shoes and donated them to the charity shop.

I took inspiration from Step Inside My Handbag and gave my slightly battered bedside table a matt-black makeover with chalk paint, then organised the drawers to make space for the bottles and jars and tubes cluttering up the top.

Already it felt so much better – there was more space, more room to just breathe. 

I already had a lovely piece of artwork on my wall, but decided to swap that out too as I wanted the room to look as different as possible – a totally fresh start. So when one of my favourite design websites got in touch to see if I wanted to collaborate on a review of their contemporary wall art, it was perfect timing.

I have whiled away many hours drooling over the fabulous Fy! site, which scours the planet for the the coolest new brands, artists and designers, and brings them all together in one amazing online shop. In fact, the site was often my first stop for inspiration when honing the interior design of the girls’ bedrooms last year.

I knew I wanted to find something modern and elegant, but also something soothing to look at – in the same way a stunning view from a window makes you feel calm and relaxed.

Their range is HUGE, so narrowing it down to just one of their elegant art prints was really difficult. I looked at some typography, and some Matisse-style line drawings, but kept getting drawn back to the black and white landscape photography. Then I went back-and-forth between a coastal shot, a waterfall and the one I finally decided on – this ethereal misty mountains shot, in a simple white wooden frame.

I loved that you couldn’t quite make out what it was – a rock face? A forest? Was it shrouded in mist, or wrapped in low-lying clouds? It was one of those images you could stare at for ages, and see something different every time.

When it arrived I was immediately impressed by how sturdy the frame was (ie: not those cheap versions that immediately start coming apart at the joins), and how classy the print looked. The blacks were true black, the whites bright and crisp – this could easily have passed for an actual photograph, rather than a print.

The monochromatic image sat nicely against the soft neutral grey of the walls, and perfectly complemented the deep, rich green of my new monstera (isn’t he gorge?!). As soon as I hung it up and stepped back to admire the view, I knew I’d made exactly the right choice.

contemporary art prints close up

Next, I plan to paint my old chest of drawers with the chalk paint, and eventually I’d like a square metal-frame mirror to sit on the top. Later this week I’m revamping the bed with a set of gorgeous 400 thread-count sateen bed linen (more on that later… ), and I’ve got my eye on a lovely new day & night blind to replace my old barely-working wooden Venetians.

So there’s still a bit to do before I can reveal my luxurious (but entirely budget-friendly) new room, but this has already made such a big difference and I can’t wait to continue the transformation. Watch this space! 

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  1. There’s a man with a beard in those misty mountains, or is it just me seeing things?

  2. Prints are fantastic way to add budget-friendly art to a home. I love your selections!

  3. Looking really interesting! The way you put the color on the sideboard is amazing.

  4. Hello Jacqui, Drooling over thes prints! Thank you for sharing.

  5. I really feel for you Jacqui. Insomnia is a real pain. I listen to Audible books and fall asleep to them. I like the smokey mysteriousness of the picture. Lovely!

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