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Just Sheepskin slippers

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I’ve turned into a proper hermit this winter. I’ve always loved my own company and the novelty of our newly-renovated house still hasn’t worn off, so I’ve just been enjoying hanging out at home and relishing our new surroundings.

For me, it’s the little things that make the perfect lazy weekend – a frothy coffee, a new boxset queued up on the iPad and – the piece de resistance – a pair of comfy slippers. Seriously, it just doesn’t feel right on those crisp winter mornings until my toes are encased in thick, warm sheepskin.

Maybe it’s because I’m from New Zealand (cue the sheep jokes), but I wear sheepskin slippers, or nothing at all. Seriously. I’ve tried all the variations over the years – woollen booties, moccasin styles, fabric memory foam ones, but nothing comes close.

Not only is sheepskin deliciously warm, the bouncy, lanolin-rich fibres envelop your bare feet in its woolly goodness. What makes is so comfy is that it actually ends up moulding around the shape of your feet – so it’s almost like having an inner custom made just for you.

A few years ago I had some leftover Christmas vouchers and ended up treating myself to a pair of Just Sheepskin slippers. From the microsecond I slipped my feet inside I was utterly hooked. OH used to joke they were glued to my feet, and I wore them until the soles were wafer thin and I’d worn a hole right through the toe.

This winter, though, I had to face the reality that it was time to retire my beloved slippers.

For a few weeks I tried to brazen it out with bare feet, but navigating those chilly kitchen tiles when I went make my morning cuppa was not fun. So when the team at Just Sheepskin offered to send me a new pair and rescue my chilly extremities, I was ridiculously excited.

I selected the same style – the Cornwall sheepskin boots – but this time I swapped from the chestnut colour to granite. The first thing I noticed when they arrived was that they seemed to have further improved the design, the boots seemed stronger and sturdier. But as soon as I slipped them on it was that exact same feeling of soft, bouncy comfort.


Now, one of my greatest ‘simple pleasures’ is to pop on my slippers and my big, fluffy dressing gown, make a big mug of coffee, and savour those last moments of peace before the hectic morning routine begins.

Huge thanks to Just Sheepskin for warming up my mornings again. 


Simple pleasures - Just Sheepskin slippers #giftedreview

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