NOT BLINDED BY THE LIGHT // trialling the starry night roller blind


The 12 months since our renovations began have flown by so quickly, but at the same time I’m finding it increasingly difficult to remember (or believe!) how we lived in the old house for so long.

The girls used to share a slightly extended box room, but now have their own rooms. Each individual room is larger than the one they both used to squeeze into, yet, like a repotted plant spreading its roots, extra square inch of their news rooms has already been filled!

Lil Sis went for a woodland bedroom, while Big Sis opted for a space theme. As is quite often the case, by the time the renovations had been finished and all the essential furniture installed, we desperately to stop and take a breath, and also give the bank balance a break before we started adding all the design finishing touches.

In hindsight, this turned out to be a blessing, as living in the house helped us figure out the final fun and functional flourishes it needed and time to find the perfect items.

Originally I was thinking of a dark blue blind to give a seamless look in Big Sis’s space room, but the room isn’t the biggest and I worried it would close it in. Grey was my next thought, but then that seemed a bit bland. 

Every time I walked past the room (or ran past, as the bare window looked straight across and into the neighbour’s back garden – a recipe for potential disaster when sauntering back from a shower), I’d try to figure out what would look perfect in the window.

Then one day it came to me – a blind with stars on it! Not only would it match the theme perfectly, but when it was pulled down it’d be kinda like staring out into a night sky.

I rushed back to my laptop and Googled ‘Starry Roller Blind’, holding my breath that there existed such a thing. And there did!  It was handmade in the UK and sold by a company called English Blinds, and it was perfect.

It had a ‘Starry Night‘ pattern of different sized white stars on a soft grey background. As an added bonus, it was a blackout blind too – which is ideal for Big Sis as she’s a natural night owl (like Mummy) and struggles to get to sleep in the summer months, when it’s light outside.

I got in touch with the company with an idea for a ‘before-and-after’ makeover post, and was thrilled when they replied to say they’d love to work with me. They very kindly offered to provide a star roller blind for Big Sis’s naked window, provided I let you guys know about my experience ordering through them, and what we thought of the product.

I measured the window recess and placed the order, and was pleasantly surprised to get an email the very next day letting me know my order was almost ready to be dispatched.

A few days later, it was delivered to my door.

Unwrapping the blind, the quality was obvious (over the years we’ve bought window coverings for three homes  – well, two homes and one rejigged one – so I feel qualified to say that!), and I absolutely loved the classy star pattern.

Installation was really simple – I asked OH to do it, as it took him five minutes as opposed to the 50 it would have taken me, but I COULD have done it. And here it is in situ – ta dah! 

You can see how well it filters out the light – this was taken on a bright day, but, apart from a tiny bit of light leakage around the edges the room was almost in total darkness.

Once the blind was up, we revealed it to Big Sis. ‘It looks amazing – I love it!‘ she exclaimed.

But there was still one more surprise… I herded her into the room, shut the door behind her and switched off the overhead light. ‘IT GLOWS!’ she squealed, excitedly.

If you ‘charge’ it up by rolling down the blind and leaving the light on it for 20-30 minutes, the stars on the blind actually light up, shimmering with a soft phosphorescence in the dark.

It’s a simple addition to the room, but it’s made such a big change – most obviously with privacy, but also to the overall look of the room. It looks neater and more homely now, and Big Sis is sure to notice a big difference this summer when she can block the light out at bedtime.

Huge thanks to English Blinds for helping us provide the finishing touches to Big Sis’s space room. 

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