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Space. You don’t realise how important it is… until you don’t have enough of it.

For more than seven years we shoe-horned ourselves into our too-small semi-detached, literally tripping over each other as we navigated over-crowded rooms. Which is why the most satisfying part of our home renovation, hands down, has been all the extra space we’ve gained.

We added a two-storey side extension and added an extra metre to our existing single storey at the back. It didn’t look much while it was being built, but when you’re renovating every square inch makes a difference; once finished we’d added two new bedrooms and a second bathroom, and had opened up our dining area to create a spacious open-plan kitchen-diner.

Six months later, my favourite thing is still simply looking around and marvelling at all our lovely new storage (we had one single cupboard for the entire house before, and now we have an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling cupboards). However… while our space situation is massively improved, it’s far from perfect; until we win the lottery and buy that eight-bedroom detached mansion in the countryside I still need to be clever with how I use our newly-acquired square feet.

We managed to squeeze a bijoux laundry room into our floor plan, which houses the washer and dryer, the water softener and a sink. It has a couple of shelve to store bits and bobs and DIY items, but what I was still lacking was somewhere to hang things – that damp shirt that still couldn’t be tumble dried, and the girls’ spare school shirts.

And then I discovered the new Brabantia Linn Collection. Now I’m already a HUGE Brabantia superfan (did you read my review posts on their stackable laundry baskets, luxury ironing board and wall-mounted clothes line), so couldn’t wait to find out what lovely new products they were bringing out.

space saving clothes storage hanging rail

space saving clothes storage close up of clothes hangers

This clever clothes rack doubles as a stylish dryer or extra hanging space, depending on what you need more urgently.

It slots unobtrusively into a corner, your laundry area or under the stairs, but the contemporary look – white metal frame with a bamboo rail, and aluminium hangers – works just as well as a standalone piece of furniture. If you choose to use this in your laundry you can hang damp clothing from the rail and through the slotted shelves, and fold the dry washing straight into the accompanying Brabantia laundry basket.

Alternatively, you can use this as an open wardrobe, hanging your clothes from the rail and using the shelves for folded clothes. This looks so good, you could even keep this in your hallway and use it as a coat and shoe rack.

I knew immediately what I would use mine for – we’ve got loads of general cupboard storage now, but we’re still very light on wardrobe space (as the three original cupboard-free bedrooms weren’t touched in this round of renovations).

We opened up our hallway during the renovation, which meant we lost the small cloakroom that had previously been there. But that space now looked so clean and uncluttered I was reluctant to fill it back up again with a messy wall of coats.

The small Linn Clothes Rack was the perfect solution. The sleek design fit in brilliantly with the modern style we’d chosen for our home, and the small footprint meant it offered maximum storage while taking up a minimum of space.

I actually tried it in a couple of locations, and it looked great in all, but the rack finally found its ‘forever home’ tucked into one corner of my study. On the rail hangs all our coats (which had previously been slung over the back of my office chair), and the laundry basket has since been repurposed as storage for all those winter accessories.

I’m not joking when I say it’s streamlined our mornings – no more running around trying to find random gloves, hats and scarves, as everything’s conveniently and stylishly stored in the one place.

space saving clothes storage close up of Brabantia basket

space saving clothes storage basket with towels

Available in black or white, the Linn Clothing Rack is priced at £124 for the small size and £144 for the larger one – a tiny price for all that extra convenience, right?

• my Linn Clothing Rack was provided for the purpose of review



  1. Oooh that looks perfect there Jacqui, I am a fan of Brabantia too. I am sure that’s a very similar rail to the ones they use in my local John Lewis for their ‘Capsule Wardrobe’.

  2. This looks fab, small but holds a lot – a really useful piece and easy to transport too xx

  3. I could do with one of these for my hallway as it isn’t wide enough for much storage and this would solve the “Where to hang the coats” issue x

    • It’s PERFECT for the hallway and actually makes coats look tidy – which is almost impossible!! x

  4. Oh this is beautiful! Perfect when you need more storage but you have little room, it’s really a gorgeous clothing rack! I even love the hooks!

    • It’s honestly so perfect for our house, which is bigger since the renovations BUT… we still don’t have huge amounts of space to spare. The hangers are really pretty, aren’t they? x

  5. I absolutely love the look of this and this is certainly something we could use in the nook available in our bedroom.

  6. Love the look of this and it sounds perfect for us as we have very little space in our room as the kids have the bigger room!

  7. I love the Linn Clothing Rack. Finding space and where to put things has become increasingly difficult over time. I could really do with one of these 🙂

  8. This looks so useful, I have a small bedroom so this could be super handy.

  9. I couldn’t definitely do with this at the moment. thanks for sharing

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