THE BEST PARTY EVER // big sis’s hot tub disco birthday

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Real talk time: I find organising children’s parties seriously stressful. Plus, this summer was a big one for Big Sis – celebrating her entry into double digits – so the pressure felt even more intense.

We had to come up with an idea that was fun and a bit more exciting than parties of the past, yet still appropriate for that awkward age where kids are not quite kids, but not quite teens either. I was searching for fun preteen party ideas when I spotted an advert for a local hot tub hire company, and we realised this was it – we were having a hot tub disco party!

Looking at the TUBS 4 FUN website, we started to get really excited – the company would come to our home and set up the inflatable hot tub in our back garden. Included in the package was a gazebo, fairy lights, inflatable drink holders AND a karaoke machine. It was PERFECT! 

I chatted to the owner Costa, who told me he’d been hiring out hot tubs around Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Middlesex and Buckinghamshire for over a year now, adding some bubbly fun to everything from 21st birthday parties, to long weekends, to New Year’s Eve celebrations.

When the big weekend finally arrived, all I had to do was show Costa where our tap was, and he took care of all the rest: within the hour he had the hot tub and gazebo set up, fairy lights and balloons hung and a dozen unicorn inflatables bobbing in the rapidly-rising water.

Once the water had reached the right level, we covered it over to let the heater do its thing. It takes a good 24 hours for a full hot tub to properly heat up, which is why Costa rents them out for four-day packages so there’s plenty of time to get steamy before the main event. We chose to get ours set up on Friday, so it would be perfectly heated by the time the guests arrived at lunchtime the next day AND we’d get a cheeky Sunday to enjoy it for ourselves!

It was a totally stress-free set up and I was pleasantly surprised by how good the gazebo looked afterwards; the girls couldn’t wait to jump in and give it a try.

Preteen party ideas girls on inflatable unicorn

We decided to give it a little extra blast of birthday fun, with some rainbow bunting, a happy birthday sign and some coloured decorations. We set up the dining and barbecue area to one side, and a glitter and metallic tattoo selfie station by the sliding doors. To the right was a chill out area, with jugs of cordial and big blow-up chairs, and behind the gazebo wa a tent the girls could use as a changing room/hangout area.

What do you think? 

The kids had a blast splashing about in the hot tub, taking breaks to blast our renditions of The Greatest Showman and Ariana Grande on the karaoke machine. OH fired up the barbecue, and the girls stopped to scoff back pizza and burgers, topped off with a lolly-laden birthday cake.

Lastly, the girls crowded around the makeup table, applying festival glitter and metallic tattoos and and generally just being squealy, excitable 10-year-old girls. It was perfect. 

A few days later, Costa arrived back to dismantle the hot tub, and we were all really sad to see it go. So much so, we’re already planning on getting it back again early in the new year, as Costa has just started offering movie screen packages.

I can just imagine it now – frosty, sub-zero temperatures outside, while we luxuriate in water heated to a delicious 40 degrees watching one of our favourite movies. Who needs the Artic Circle, when we have our back garden?!

I asked Big Sis afterwards if she’d enjoyed her hot tub birthday party: ‘Mummy, it was the BEST DAY EVER! Thank you soooooo much!’

I reckon that’s a yes, don’t you?

This is NOT a featured post, btw, I just wanted to tel you about Big Sis’s big day! 

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