THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY PHOTOS // why they matter so much to me

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I’ve made no secret of – or apology for – my photograph addiction.

I’m unashamedly obsessed with documenting the girls at every stage of their lives, and nothing brings me greater pleasure (although it’s often bittersweet) than going back through old pics and seeing how much they’ve grown and changed.

I drive everyone mad by arranging family photoshoots every time I go home to New Zealand, because I never know when we’ll all be together again and I want something tangible to document that moment in time.

I did the same when we all met up in Bali for my cousin’s wedding three years ago (you can read all about our Balinese family holiday here, and here) as it was the first time the girls had seen their Kiwi family in years. I searched online for weeks, looking for a photographer who captured natural everyday moments, rather than structured, posed shots.

Finally, I found exactly what I was looking for in APEL PHOTOGRAPHYarranged for Pande from Apel Photography to meet us near our accommodation (the GRAND BALI VILLA, near the beachfront in Legian), and we spent the next couple of hours snapping shots in the Balinese sun. 

Despite the fact I’m much more comfortable behind the camera, I was really pleased with the results – in fact you might recognise the one above, which I used as my avatar for a few years afterwards.

What do you think? 

If you fancy getting some family photos done yourself, BIDVINE is a great way to find trusted photographers – you simply type in exactly what you’re looking for (the site guides you through all your requirements) and your carefully tailored request is sent out to its pool of professionals, who then bid directly with you to carry out the job.

What’s your favourite family photo?


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