MAKING GLITTERY GLOW JARS // lovely half-term craft kits


The girls usually only make it a few hours into the half-term break before the first cries of ‘I’m boooooooored!’ ring out.

To be fair, it’s really only one girl – Lil Sis – who doesn’t enjoy her own company as much as the rest of us do, and can only cope with an hour or two on her own before she starts moping about with a tortured look on her face.

‘What’s up?’ I’ll ask, already knowing the answer. ‘Big Sis won’t play with me, and I’ve got nothing to do,’ she’ll reply.

This time, however, I had a secret weapon ready and waiting to be deployed.

Before the words ‘I’m boooo..’ had even escaped her mouth, I held up the box and watched her expression change. ‘What’s that?!’ she asked, rushing over to take a closer look. ‘Big Siiiiiiiiiiis!’ she bellowed up the stairs, ‘We’ve got something AWESOME to play with!’ 

I’d never heard of So Glow DIY Magic Jar Studio kits before, but they include everything you need to make your own DIY glow jars at home. The kit comes complete with three plastic containers (two small and one large) that have an LED light cleverly built into the lid, confetti, glitter and a magic powder that brings it all to luminescent life.

The girls set up with studio in just a few minutes. Following the instructions, they carefully filled their DIY glow jars with water and added their chosen sparkly accessories, before using the hand mixer to blend it all together and screwing the lid on tight.

‘Let’s go see if they glow in the dark!’ Big Sis squealed. They ran into the downstairs bathroom, shut the door and turned out the lights. ‘Give them a shake,’ I instructed, and this happened…

The jars lit up and the glitter inside began to swirl, like a luminescent snow globe. Every few moments the colour would shimmer and change – from blue to purple to green – and it was mesmerising.

‘WHOOOOOOOOOA!’ they both exhaled. ‘It’s EPIC!’ Big Sis announced (the highest of high praise). ‘Mummy, it’s even better than I expected!’ Lil Sis added. That night they set their jars on their bedside tables and watched them shine and swirl in the darkness until they drifted off to sleep.

In fact, Lil Sis loved hers so much she used the last of her birthday money to buy a second set of DIY glow jars; considering her money only EVER goes on squishies (eye roll) this was a ringing endorsement.

The So Glow DIY Magic Jar Studio lit up our lives… in more ways than one. 

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We were sent the kit for the purpose of review

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