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Hello, my name is Jacqui, and I’m a laptopaholic. I’m joking… except I’m not joking at all.

I got my first laptop around 10 years ago and it was a revelation. As a travel and features journalist, first for glossy magazines and then as a freelancer, I’d spent close to 20 years working on a classic desktop computer, always stuck in the one spot, staring at the same four walls.

But the laptop presented me with entirely new and much more exciting way of working. I could take it anywhere – outside to the garden, down to the cafe, overseas with me on press trips. The freedom was intoxicating. 

As my journalism work gradually gave way to full-time blogging and social media began to explode, I found I was relying on my computer more and more and more – it was my career, my link to the outside world when the girls were young. It was how I did my shopping and kept up with current affairs and researched everything from ‘what is a post-viral rash?’ to ‘where to buy a pink pig onesie’.

It has literally become a part of me – like an extra limb – and I’m not good at sharing it. Which has become an issue of late, as Big Sis completes her maths work online, and each week she has a topic or current affairs project to research. And the workload is only going to increase as she starts Year 6 this year, then moves on to high school the year after that.

So, to say we were thrilled to be given the chance to try out an Acer Swift Laptop was a complete understatement. For those of you who don’t speak computerese, let me break it down for you in Plain English – this is a lightweight laptop with a stylish brushed steel outer casing. The battery lasts for up to 10 hours – enough to take you right through the day – and this laptop has an Intel Core i5 Quad Core Processor and Intel® Optane Memory.

Real talk here – I’m not going to pretend to know all the ins and outs, as it’s pretty hardcore tech geek type stuff, BUT in a nutshell it’s next-level computing. The Intel Core i5 Quad Core Processor and Intel® Optane Memory are both specifically designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of modern computing – from real-time content creation, to large media file downloads, to seamless gaming.

I’m talking super-fast responsiveness and file loading (even the REALLY big ones!), the ability to have loads of windows open (anyone else guilty of having 20+ screens open at once?!) and to switch between applications without crashing your computer. Most. Annoying. Thing. Ever. 

In addition to 16GB of Intel® Optane Memory the Acer Swift has 1 terabyte of built-in hard disc drive storage, so you can store all those family photos (no YOU currently have 10,000+ pics in your library) and back-up files without danger of slowing down your machine.

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Anyway, that’s the tech-y stuff out of the way, but what’s the Acer Swift actually like to use? The girls couldn’t wait to get on it, and as soon as I’d set it up (super easy and it only took 10 minutes) they were begging to try it out.

I attempted to show them how to use it, but within minutes it became very clear they already knew more about this laptop as I did. I was raised on Apple Macs, so Windows is not my first language, but I found this really intuitive and easy to use. The girls, however, use PCs at school and were born into the digital age, so were straight off the starting blocks.

‘Look what I’ve made,’ Big Sis announced after tapping away for a few minutes. It was a poster, complete with imported graphics and active hyperlinks. ‘Wait, what? How did you do that?!’ I asked. ‘It’s just really easy to use,’ she shrugged, confirming my hope that this was also the perfect laptop for kids to complete their homework and school projects.

An hour later, they’d already figured out how to use the voice recognition and were nonchalantly issuing commands to Windows’ virtual assistant, Cortana, playing (nope, me neither) and filming video blogs. It was literally like they’d been using it for years.

But this laptop isn’t just about fun and games – it has to be practical too. I logged on to My Maths so Big Sis could put it through its paces. Mum!’ she cried, ‘it’s so easy to do my homework on here – this is EPIC!‘ Which is the highest praise a 10-year-old can give.

From a ‘Mum’ standpoint, there were loads of features I was impressed with: the laptop loads really quickly and has fingerprint recognition, so you can unlock it with the press of a digit rather than constantly tapping in a password (which I find really annoying on my older laptop). It’s super lightweight, making it truly mobile, and the wifi connectivity is strong, so the girls can use it upstairs or even in the back garden (by comparison, my older laptop drops in and out the moment I move away from our hub).

The outer casing is stylish but also strong, so can cope with those inevitable knocks and bumps.

We’re still discovering all the great features of the Acer Swift with Intel Core i5 Quad Core Processor and Intel® Optane Memory, but the girls are already obsessed (I’ve had to put them on a timetable so they stop fighting over it).

This is a great laptop for kids and the entire family; in fact, Big Sis is actually looking forward to her first homework assignment so she can truly put it through its paces. A huge thank you to Intel UK. 

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  1. I am hearing you LOUD and clear, my kids are required to do more and more of their schoolwork online and being the only owner of a laptop they always want mine!! I am only child so I am not adept to sharing either. Lillie has asked for a laptop for Xmas so I shall have to have words with Father Xmas Acer isn’t a brand I am familiar with but I am intrigued to learn more x

    • You’re describing my life, pre-Acer laptop!! Big Sis would have to use mine, as her maths homework is all online, but it would always be when I was trying to get something done myself. Drove me nuts. I’m VERY possessive over my MacBook. The girls use this one to practise vlogging too (they record but don’t go live on them) which is adorable! x

  2. Working in IT I am always on the look out for a good laptop. This looks perfect for older kids getting into it for homework etc. Great spec and price xx

    • It’s proving to be absolutely perfect for Big Sis and her homework/research projects. And Lil Sis keeps nicking it to film vlogs on it!!!!! x

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