DELECTABLE BREKKIE // reviewing the andrew james volcano waffle maker

volcano waffle maker big sis

One of the things I love about the school holidays is having time to make breakfast.

Which might sound a bit dramatic, but during the non-stop schedule of term time brekkie is something we shoehorn into the morning – just after dragging the girls out of bed, and just before pushing them out the front door – one of a list of tasks we tick off the morning list.

But in the holidays, when the pace is slower and our days are more relaxed, breakfast becomes more of an event. The cereal sits in the cupboard, and I have time to make that first meal of the day more exciting.

So it was great timing when Andrew James got in touch to ask if we’d like to review their volcano waffle maker. We’d just finished renovating our new kitchen diner, and I was dying to take it for a test drive.

The waffle maker came complete with the mix – we simply had to add milk and butter.

volcano waffle maker 1

volcano waffle maker milk

volcano waffle maker egg

volcano waffle maker mix

volcano waffle maker pour

While Big Sis finished whisking the batter until it was nice and smooth, I plugged in the waffle maker and gave it a few minutes to reach the right temperature. One we (literally) had the green light, I carefully poured the batter into the funnel at the top.

After five minutes, the sweet smell of baking batter began to rise up. ‘Is it ready yet?!’ Big Sis asked, excitedly.

We carefully lifted the top of the maker to see that the batter had fluffed up to completely fill the mould and was now a lovely golden-brown colour, complete with the distinctive lattice waffle pattern.

The clever slanted ‘volcano’ shape meant the batter had flowed down to reach every little nook and cranny, and the non-stick plates meant the waffle came away quickly and easily. Which was great, as we could not wait to eat. As I drizzled on the maple syrup, the sticky liquid filled these doughy divets.

‘More syrup!’ Big Sis instructed. ‘I LOVE syrup!’

Next, we topped the waffle with fresh fruit – strawberries, raspberries and banana.

volcano waffle maker final

Once we’d polished it off, we experimented with some different flavours – first chocolate hazelnut spread and strawberries, and then crunchy peanut butter and banana. They were all delish. Then we were so full we could barely move off the sofa for the next hour. But it was SO worth it.

Next up on my waffle wishlist is bacon, banana and maple syrup; I’ve also found a recipe for a savory cheese and herb waffle batter that I’m planning to try. The possibilities (the waffleabilities?) are endless! 

• our Andrew James Volcano Waffle Maker (currently on sale for £29.99) was provided for review

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  1. This looks AMAZING!!! Lillie and I love our waffles but at the moment we keep buying them, I like mine with cherries and chocolate (naughty and nice). I didn’t realise Andrew James made these, I have an Andrew James cooker for camping which is such good quality so would definitely give one of these a go 🙂

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