GETTING READY FOR BIG SCHOOL // with a sprinkle of magic from the Disney Store

When Lil Sis had her last day at infant school I was totally fine.

It was a busy day – there was a lot of rushing about and bidding people goodbye and collecting piles of exercise books – but as we walked out the gates for the final time, I felt pretty chilled about the whole scenario. 

Lil Sis was one of the oldest kids in the school, so I knew she was more than ready to make that jump up to middle school. But then I drove past the school a few days later and it truly hit me that we’d never be going back – ever – and I burst into tears.

Because the end of an era is always bittersweet, right? You’re so proud of how far you’ve come and excited about where you’re going, but you’re also sad that another chapter of your life is closed and gone forever. 

As much as I know she’ll be fine I’m also a tiny bit nervous for Lil Sis as it’s a big deal to go from big fish in the little infant school pond, to small fish in the big middle school lake. She’ll have Big Sis there if she needs her, but I know there are lots of pressures ahead for her – both socially and academically.

I have absolutely no doubt she’ll rise to meet them, but I still feel a bit apprehensive for her and also in two minds about the fact that during the first year – surrounded by the influence of older kids – she’s going to grow up much more quickly.

I’m torn between being so proud of the funny, caring, astute girl she’s growing into, and wanting time to slow down so I can just keep her as my baby for just a little bit longer. 

When the Disney Store got in touch to ask if she would like to try out some of their new ‘Back-to-School‘ range of products, I knew this would not just make her day, but also help her to feel more confident about joining her sister at big school in September. 

The delightful range was launched last year and is packed full of all your favourite characters, from the iconic Disney Princesses to The Incredibles, to Minnie Mouse and Vampirina. You can pick up backpacks, lunchboxes, water bottles, pencil cases and a range of stationery that would even make homework fun.

Lil Sis is just about to turn eight, and is at that transitional age – on one hand she’s desperate to be a grown-up ‘cool kid’, but on the other, she’s still waking up at night and climbing into my bed for a cuddle. 

I knew this range would be perfect for her first year at middle school – it’s contemporary and stylish, but has a cuteness that allows her to still be that kid who dreams of magic and fairies and princesses. 

One of the things Lil Sis has really been looking forward to is having her own proper school bag: the infant school uses a standard book bag, so every year she’s watched enviously as Big Sis chose a funky new bag for the year ahead.

So I knew she’d be so thrilled with this adorable backpack, featuring her favourite Disney Princesses – Cinderella, Pocahontas, Belle, Jasmine and Tiana.

Inside was a shimmery Little Mermaid insulated lunch bag and drink bottle, a set of journals and a Moana diary, and Lil Sis couldn’t have been more excited.

Disney Back to School backpack
Disney Back to School diary
Disney Back to School repack

After admiring them for at least half an hour, turning them over and opening them up and flicking through the pages, she carefully repacked everything into the backpack. ‘Now I can’t wait for school to start!’ she told me excitedly.

Roll on the playground catwalk!

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• Disney products were sent for the purpose of review

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