LIFE ACCORDING TO LIL SIS // the funniest moments of our little comedienne

Even as a baby it was obvious Lil Sis had a great sense of humour. She was always chuckling away, and if she did something to make us giggle she’d ham it RIGHT up to make us laugh even more.

As she got older, her kooky humour really began to reveal itself and she’d have us in hysterics with her quick wit and crazy antics. The other day Facebook reminded me of one of her funny moments, and it got me thinking about all the things she’s said and done over the years – some of it intentionally hilarious, others completely accidental.

So I went back through all my old posts and dug out some of my favourites to share with y’all – I hope they give you a giggle too!

October 2013, three years old:

Overhead as Lil Sis played with a toy microphone: ‘Lady and Gentleman, welcome to…. ME!’

July 2014, three years old:

Me to Lil Sis: ‘Give me a nice pose!’ This is what she came up with…

Jan 2015, four years old: 

‘Mummy! Now I don’t have to ask you to pass me the toilet paper!!’

Feb 2015, four years old: 

Last week Lil Sis and I had a little chat about manners, and how sometimes behaviour that’s OK at home might not be suitable when we’re out and about. Picking her up from a playdate yesterday, I asked if she’d had a good time. ‘Yes Mummy,’ she replied. ‘We had lunch, and played with the toys, and had a chocolate biscuit.’ ‘I bet you didn’t want to leave!’ I said. ‘I had lots of fun, Mummy…’ she replied, ‘… but I’m glad I can fart again!’

March 2015, four years old:

Lil Sis, earlier, as she cuddled up to me: ‘Mummy, your hair smells like flowers…’ (smile spreads across my face) ‘… and chips!’ (smile fades away again).

April 2015, four years old:

The other day Lil Sis and I were playing a game of I-Spy. Lil Sis: ‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘T’.’ ‘Table?’ ‘Nope.’ ‘Towel?’ ‘Nope.’ ‘I give up; what is it?’ ‘Mirror.’ ‘No, sweetie, it has to be something that starts with the same letter.’ ‘Ohhhhhhhh!’ ‘Why don’t you have another try?’ ‘OK Mummy… I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘A’.’ ‘Apple?’ ‘Nope.’ ‘Art box?’ ‘Nope.’ ‘OK, I give up!’ ‘A mirror.’

May 2015, four years old:

Lil Sis’s name suggestion for the newest Royal baby: ‘Princess Diaries’. 

May 2015, four years old:

Lil Sis, to me: ‘Mummy, I’m hungry. Can I have an achy cock?’ ‘I’m sorry, a WHAT?!’ ‘An achy cock.’ *looks around… spots something on the bench…* ‘Do you mean an apricot?’ ‘Yes, Mummy, an achy cock!’

June 2015, four years old:

Lil Sis, at bedtime last night: ‘Mummy, what’s this?’ Me, to Lil Sis: ‘That’s your ribcage.’ ‘But what is it?’ ‘It’s the bones that protect your heart, and all the organs inside your body.” ‘I hope a dog doesn’t eat me.’ ‘Huh?’ ‘Because dogs like to eat bones!’ ‘A dog won’t eat you, sweetheart.’ ‘But what if it does? What if it jumps into my mouth and goes inside me, and eats all my bones? Then my body will be all wobbly!’

‘I literally do not know how to respond to that.’ ‘That’s OK Mummy, goodnight!’

July 2015, four years old:

‘Mummy, my hat is too small!’

Funny things kids say hat too small

July 2015, four years old: 

Me to Big SIs: ‘What would you like for your birthday? Big Sis: ‘A play kitchen, a toy puppy, and a baby doll, please Mummy.’ Me: ‘OK, Lil Sis, would you like for YOUR birthday? Lil Sis: ‘A dog that poos, a pretend lollypop, a rainbow that walks and a radiator.’

August 2015, four years old:

The girls are playing Mums and Dads – Lil Sis is currently walking around with a plastic wine glass, demanding ‘Savvinon Plonk’.

September 2015, five years old:

Lil Sis, to me: ‘Mummy, I LOVE your sparkles!’ Me, confused: ‘My…. sparkles?’ ‘Yes, your sparkles – I love dem, dey are soooooo bootiful.’ ‘Do you mean my freckles?’ ‘Ohhhhhhh! Yes, Mummy, your FRECKLES!’

October 2015, five years old:

Lil Sis, all excited: ‘MUMMY! I just saw a boy wearing a Slinky on his arm, just like when you dislocated your shoulder!’ ‘You mean a sling, darling.’

Halloween 2015, five years old:

Lil Sis: ‘When are the Pickle-Treaters coming?’

November 2015, five years old: 

Asked Lil Sis a question this morning: ‘I can’t talk right now, Mummy, I’m saving my voice.’

January 2016, five years old: 

Me, to Lil Sis: ‘You’re just the sweetest little thing, aren’t you?’. Lil Sis, to me: ‘I’m not a thing, I’m a who-man!’

July 2016, five years old:

Lil Sis: ‘Why do we have a chin?’

July 2016, five years old:

Big Sis and I were sitting on the sofa when we heard a loud fart coming from the hallway. ‘Lil Sis, what on earth are you doing?!’ I asked. ‘Trying to sneak up on you,’ she replied, ‘but my butt ruined it!’

July 2016, five years old:

Lil Sis, to me: ‘Mummy can we play Coconut today?’ ‘Pokemon, darling, it’s called Pokemon.’

March 2017, six years old:

Lil Sis, to me: ‘Mummy, all the girls’ toilets were full, so I had to quickly use the one for babies and wheelbarrows.’ Me, to Lil SIs: ‘WheelCHAIRS, sweetie.’

October 2016, six years old:

Me, to Lil Sis: ‘Serious question… this shoe..?’ (holds out left foot) ‘Or this shoe..?’ (holds out right foot) Lil Sis: ‘Hmmmmmmm… they’re both ugly.’

November 2016, six years old: 

Lil Sis, stroking my neck: ‘Mama, what a waste of skin you have here!’ Me: (books neck lift)

April 2017, six years old:

Me, to Lil Sis: ‘What ARE you doing?’ Lil Sis, to me: ‘Watching Frozen… ‘

September 2017, seven years old:

Both girls both came in, wailing. ‘What happened?!’ I asked. ‘Lil Sis bit me,’ Big Sis cried. ‘But she was annoying me so much,’ Lil Sis sobbed. ‘She kept bossing me around and I couldn’t just stop my temper!’ ‘YOU need to stop goading your sister,’ I told Big Sis, before turning the Lil Sis, ‘but biting is NEVER OK. Are you sorry?’ ‘Yes… ‘ Lil Sis wept. ‘… but it felt REALLY good when I did it…’

November 2017, seven years old: 

I needed some change to buy a coffee, so asked if I could borrow the pound Lil Sis had sitting in her jewellery box.
‘Will I get it back?’ she asked. ‘Of course!’ I replied. (thinks hard for a minute) ‘OK, you can borrow one pound, but I want TWO pounds back tomorrow.’

April 2018, seven years old:

‘Not so tight, Mummy,’ Lil Sis squealed as I gave her an over-zealous hug, ‘I’m apostrophobic!’

July 2018, seven years old: 

Lil Sis, to me: ‘Mummy, do you know there’s a ring around your anus?’ Me, spitting out the water I’d just sipped: ‘Excuse me, WHAT did you say?!’ ‘We learned about planets in school today, and did you know there’s a ring around Uranus too – it’s not just Saturn!’ Me: ‘Oh. Yep. Sure… that’s exactly what I thought you said…’

Don’t you just adore the funny things kids say? I’d love to hear some of yours!

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