A BONNY WEE BOY // reviewing baby annabell’s brother

I’ve often pondered about what it will be like when the girls have children of their own, and in a weird way I’m actually looking forward to becoming ‘Cool Nana’.

But I didn’t expect it to be quite so soon.

Baby Charlie – renamed from Baby Annabell’s brother Alexander – joined our family this spring, and already we can’t imagine life without him.

He arrived one day, complete with bottle, bib, dummy, hat and spare nappy. With a couple of double AA’s and a flick of a switch, he began to coo happily.

Lil Sis took to motherhood immediately, rocking him gently in her arms until his eyes closed, and he began to gently snore. While he snoozed, she prepared his bottle with water. Fitting it into his mouth, he began to suckle contentedly (the sound and action is mimicked by the doll, but you need to squeeze the bottle to actually expel the liquid).

Once filled with water, baby Charlie became even more realistic – with water tank filled he could cry real tears and even wet his nappy. Lil Sis was able to soothe him with the dummy, but what worked best was popping him over her shoulder, and giving his back some firm pats. Soon Charlie was gurgling and giggling again.

‘He’s just like a real baby!’ she exclaimed.

That night, she lay him beside her bed, where he slept soundly all night. The next morning his eyes blinked open, and he began his cute baby babbling.

Was there a point when the noise got a teensy bit too much, and I surreptitiously switched Charlie off just to get a few minutes of peace and quiet? Yes, yes there was (if I could do the same with my real children I would too), but overall Charlie was a delightful addition to our family.

Lil Sis relished her Mummy role, and it was the cutest thing to see her caring for her ‘baby’ with such sweetness and consideration – a glimpse into the future.

The distant future though, right girls? Mummy’s not ready to be a Glam-ma just yet…

• our Baby Annabell Brother doll was provided for review

• have you read about our cheeky annual Xmas visitor?

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  1. My daughter would be thrilled to receive a brother for her Baby Annabell. She is very maternal and only wants to be a mummy when she grows up

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