CONVERTING MY FASHION PHOBE // camouflage kid’s bomber jacket

Kids' camouflage bomber jacket close up

Unlike her little sister, who spends vast amounts of time perfectly coordinating her hair, outfits and accessories, Big Sis is more of a ‘get-up-get-dressed-and-go‘ type of gal.

She has a casual, sporty style that relies on minimum fuss and maximum freedom to run and jump and roll down hills and climb up trees. Big Sis is definitely a frill-free zone. 

Which is why, when I was invited to pick an outfit for the kids on the online home shopping website (owned by JD Williams), I found myself scrolling straight past the bright colours and pretty patterns to find her the perfect jacket (although not before picking up some gorgeous pieces for Lil Sis, which I’ll reveal in another post).

And then, there it was!

kids' camouflage bomber jacket laughing

kids' camouflage bomber jacket leaning

It was a kids’ camouflage bomber jacket made from soft polyester, with a zip-up front and comfy cuffed collar, sleeves and waistband. It had two front pockets – perfect for holding stones and Nerf gun bullets and random Shopkins – and a funky lime-green netting on the inside (technically it was in the ‘boys’ section but since the day Big Sis was born, I’ve refused to let gender labelling get in the way of a great outfit).

I surprised it with her a few days later. It’s difficult to get Big Sis excited about clothing, but her eyes instantly lit up. ‘Coooooooooool!’ she breathed, grabbing it out my hands, and immediately trying it on. ‘How does it feel?’ I asked her. ‘SUPER comfortable,’ she enthused.

Not only was it simple and practical, but it looked great too. Don’t you agree?

While I was looking through the Fashion World site and admiring all the great labels – from Monsoon and Lelli Kelly, to Adidas and Yumi – I also found the perfect finishing touch; a pair of Monkey Monkey wayfarer-style kids’ sunglasses. But these aren’t just pretty accessories (although they do look great), they also offer 100% UV protection for delicate young eyes.

Thanks to Fashion World for making my mini fashion-phobe very happy indeed! 

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kids' camouflage bomber jacket sunglasses

kids' camouflage bomber jacket sunglasses leaning

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  1. Totally relate to your older child! I also pick out clothes from the men’s sometimes. I always go from the women’s section to men’s before I go to the cashier. I feel like there are more clothes for me in the men’s HAHAHAHA

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