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One of the most satisfying parts of our big home renovation has been creating separate rooms for the girls.

Up until now, they’ve been sharing a small room, which has been fine, but they’re getting older now; Big Sis will be starting secondary school next year (gulp) – and they need and deserve their own personal space.

They’re such different characters that it’s been hard to have any kind of theme in their room before now, but the renovation has allowed them to choose their own interior design. After much umming and aaahing Big Sis finally decided on an outer space theme, while Lil Sis chose a children’s woodland bedroom.

Which must have been fate, since a few weeks later Laura from Soak & Sleep got in touch to ask if we wanted to try out some of the items from the newly-launched new kids’ range. There are four themes: Circus, Magical, Dark Space, and Woodland. I mean, could it be any more perfect?! 

After much ogling, we chose this adorable bunny bedside lamp, the woodland bedding set and toy storage.

children's woodland bedroom bedding close up

The patchwork-style design is utterly charming, and the soft pastel colours looked perfect against the dark grey colour we’d chosen for the walls.

The cotton is lovely and soft – you can literally feel the quality – and perfect for the warmer summer nights.

The storage baskets are also made of fabric, so you can collapse them down when you don’t need them, and are ideal for Lil Sis’s neverending teddy collection (these are simply the ones that managed to evade being put into storage – there are dozens more waiting to come home).

children's woodland bedroom bedding

This is just a sneak peek of Lil Sis’s room makeover – we still have a few things to finish, but there will be a big ‘before-and-after’ post going live soon so you can really see the transformation from pokey box room, to spacious woodland wonderland.

What do you think so far? 

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