A quick reminder to all you fabulous folks on my mailing list…

I know you all joined of your own volition – usually after taking part in a giveaway that offered you an extra entry for signing up (or just because you lurrrve me and don’t want to miss a single post) – but just in case you’re bored with my witterings, you can quickly and easily click ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ on the bottom of every MailChimp newsletter.

As per the rest of Europe (!) I’ve updated my PRIVACY POLICY and my COOKIE POLICY so it’s very clearly and thoroughly outlined how and why your data may be retained. In a plain English nutshell, your data is only ever retained so I can either send you the mailing list you specifically requested, contact you if you win one of my giveaways, make the process of commenting a bit quicker and easier, or to track and measure my traffic.

I would never EVER sell your details.

Likewise, I have never, and would never, pass on your details without your express permission – and even then the only reason I’d probably do that would be when sending your name and address to a company or brand for prize fulfilment.

However… I also wanted to clearly point out that it’s part of ASA regulations that I provide the details of giveaway winners on request; while this is unlikely to be requested (it hasn’t happened yet) please do bear this in mind when you enter one of my giveaways. Your name will also appear on the Rafflectoper giveaway widget (but not any other details). Henceforth, your entry in any of my giveaways will be considered acceptance of these conditions.

In addition to all the GDPR compliance safety nets that have been introduced by WordPress, Rafflectoper and MailChimp, my blog posts now come with a nifty comment checkbox, so you can decide whether you’d like my site to retain your details for next time.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: [email protected]

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