GIVING WINTER THE BOOT // navigating a frosty spring with bogs wellies

fashion wellies

What, exactly, is going on with the weather at the moment? First, we had snowmageddon then winter tried to bully spring with some punishing arctic blasts, and now we’re being treated to Noah’s Ark-style rain.

Luckily for me, I’d been sent a pair of Bogs Crandall Wool insulated boots to help me cope with these crazy meteorological conditions.

I was introduced to the Bogs brand of fashion wellies last year when we were preparing for our first family camping adventure. Big Sis was sent a cool pink and orange Rainboot Stripe pair to try, which was incredibly lucky since we had torrential rain all weekend, resulting in the biggest, sludgiest mud pit I’ve ever seen, EVER (see above for proof).

fashion wellies

kid's outdoor jacket 9

She’s worn them religiously since – when we visited great-Grandad on his bullock farm in Devon, on school trips, and to wade through that horrendous snowy slush we had before Christmas. Just the other weekend she wore them to our local woods, where she was also putting her new Reima kid’s outdoor jacket to the test.

But back to my boots. The quandary I’ve always found with boots is that I want the waterproofness of wellies, but the warmth and comfort of my sheepskin boots. These Bogs combine the two – they have traditional welly bottoms, complete with a BioGrip slip-resistant outer sole and a springy cushioned inner. The Rolls Royce of Wellington Boots. 

fashion wellies

The top half is more flexible than a traditional rubber welly (which we call gumboots in New Zealand), made from a tweed-like material that almost has a stretchy feel to it. Inside they’re lined with a lovely soft Neo-Tech waterproof insulation, which almost feels like a thin layer of sheepskin.

But what I think I love the most are the handles on either side of each boot. I have ridiculously high arches and two slightly different-sized feet which have made my shoe-wearing life very awkward over the years. Did you read about the time I had a pair of Made in Me bespoke shoes made just for me and my wonky feet?

Not only do I have to to find styles that fit over the arches without cutting off the circulation to my toes, I also need to be able to easily take them on and off. Which may sound amusing, but one time I tried on a pair of boots back in New Zealand and one of my feet was so wedged so tightly I couldn’t get it off again. I’m talking at least 20 minutes and pulling and wriggling until I was literally sweating from the effort, to absolutely no avail. Just as I was contemplating amputating the entire foot, it popped free. I never went back inside that store again. 

Anyway, my point is that the handles help me to get the boots on, while the soft inner lining makes them much easier to slip off again. The DuraFresh liner helps fights odours, while a special fabric draws sweat away to keep your feet fresh and dry. And they look gorgeous too – more like fashion footwear than work boots.

The perfect blend of style and practicality.

• thank you to bogs boots for providing my wellies for this review 





  1. Hi Jacqui, your kids are really cute. This boots can protect our feet from waters, mud etc. They are also looking stylish. Thanks for sharing this blog with us.

  2. The Bogs Classic Ultra Mid has long been a my favorite!

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