KEEPING COSY IN THE COLD // big sis trials the reima outdoor jacket

We seem to have fallen into a curious pattern in our household.

OH and I announce that we’re all heading out for a walk – cue both girls whining about how much they ‘haaaaaaaaate waaaaaaaalking!’. To which I respond with something along the lines of: ‘Well, too bad because we all need some fresh air and we’re going.’

We arrive at the park, whereby the girls burst out of the car and spend the next two hours running, and whooping, playing ‘the floor is lava’ and collecting armfuls of woodland treasures.

‘That was the BEST DAY EVER!’ they inevitably squeal. ‘When can we go back again?!’ 

Last weekend we had even more reasons than usual to get outside – we’d all been cooped up during Snowmaggedon, the house was a cramped, dusty shambles due to our ongoing renovations, and Big Sis had this fancy new Reima kid’s outdoor jacket to try out.

REIMA is a Finnish brand, so it’s designed to withstand winter sports and extreme conditions, which – I’m sure we can all agree – the Beast from the East certainly provided. Big Sis well-known for her boisterous ways, which usually result in her coming home mud-smeared, soaking wet and with twigs in her hair, so she needs something quite hard wearing.

Technically, this is a ‘boys’ jacket, but in our house, we choose our clothes according to what we like, not what department we find them in. Big Sis was instantly taken with the cerulean blue colour of the Regor jacket, and the fact it was a simple, fuss-free design (she’s not a fan of frills and flounce).

It ticks all the parent boxes too: the jacket has taped seams, which seal even the smallest gap and make it 100 percent wind and waterproof, and adjustable cuffs and hem to ensure a snug fit. It’s lined with polyester for comfort, and even has a ‘powder skirt’ – an elasticated band that fits snugly around your waist and prevents that pesky water and snow from finding its way inside.

The hood is detachable, perfect for Big Sis, as she has a strange aversion to hoods flapping around on the back of her neck when she’s not using them. It’s also a safety feature, as the hood simple pops free if it catches on anything.

The front has two zippered pockets a ‘ski-pass’ pocket on the sleeve and two more pockets inside – plenty of room for the collection of pebbles Big Sis seems to accrue every time we go out.

It can be machine washed (inside out) and tumble dried and, when teamed with appropriate underlayers, can keep you cost in temperatures up to -20 degrees (although I have no intention of putting THAT to the test, the other week’s -5 degree temps were quite enough for me, thank you very much).

Best of all, Big Sis actually liked wearing it. In the past, getting her to wear an appropriate coat was a constant battle as she hated anything that got in the way of her running around, or scrambling up trees. But this jacket fit her so well and was made from such light materials – polyester, with a polyurethane coating – that she wore it without complaint.

So bring it on, icy Siberian weather blasts, because we’re ready and waiting for you (only kidding – don’t really bring it on, I’m totally done with the cold – I need some spring now, please)!

PS: Big Sis’s wellies are from Bogs and her hat is part of a set that we bought from Marks and Spencer. As of 16/3/18 both were still available online. 

• Reima jacket was provided for the purpose of review


  1. Isn’t that always the way with kids?! Big Sis really suits that beautiful blue, the Finnish certainly know how to make great outdoor clothing. Lovely photos xx

    • A’yup! My other favourite is when they absolutely love a certain food, so you make it for them again and then they screw up their nose and announce: ‘Ewwwww, yuck! I HATE that!’ Sigh.
      I’m a huge fan of Scandi-clothes – those Vikings sure know how to dress for the outdoors… 😉 x

  2. That looks like the magical woods of Burnham Beeches – love it there. Cool togs Big Sis x

    • It is indeed! Fun fact – in New Zealand we calling swimming costumes togs! No idea why… it’s quite strange really… x

  3. We want to come on your next walk! I can’t wait to show Oliver this post… What a super jacket too, going to check REIMA out and we’re all about the unisex style here with the kids rocking all the colours of the rainbow as you know. Big Sis is too beautiful, as are your photos-you take amazing shots x

    • There are so many lovely walks we can do; we can take the den-making kit – the kids would have a blast! No disappearing squishies though… hahaha! x

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