WAFFLE THE WONDER DOG // a backstage peek at a delightful new children’s show

Waffle the Wonder Dog

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In the shadowy gloom of what looks like a construction site, surrounded by cables and wires, a team of six or seven people stare intently at a row of computer monitors. On the flickering screens, I can see a woman holding a big, fluffy cat, while several other people mill around.

I’m passed a pair of headphones, and when I put them on I can hear different voices chattering earnestly. The man in front of me picks up a walkie-talkie: ‘It’s looking great,’ he says. ‘Are all the dogs in place?’

An alarm rings out, and everyone falls silent. A man with a clapperboard appears, clacking it shut, and the actress with the cat begins to move through her scene, repeating her lines. In the background, three poodles respond to their trainer’s commands, taking it in turns to run in and out of the shot.

‘Cut!’ director Jack Jameson shouts, and everyone begins chatting excitedly. ‘It’s looking great,’ he continues, ‘we’re nearly there!’

Next, he and the script supervisor watch the scene back. ‘What’s that?’ she points. In the background, just visible between the rails of the staircase is something that shouldn’t be there.

‘It’s the dog trainer’s head,’ he laughs, jumping back on his walkie-talkie to the first AD (assistant director). ‘The trainer’s in shot; get her to move up a step,’ he instructs.

The process is repeated three more times, until, finally, everything is exactly right. ‘That’s it, we’ve got it, great job everybody,’ Jack announces.

Waffle the Wonder Dog backstage script supervisor

Waffle the Wonder Dog backstage

I’m backstage at the famous Shepperton Studios in Surrey, where – since opening in 1932 – has created some of the UK’s most famous films, including Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’ Diary and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. In fact, as I stand there, Mary Poppins Returns – the follow-up to the 1964 classic – is filming in one of the backlots.

This is what makes it so magical here – the incredible history, the priceless contribution to world cinema, and the fact you could literally bump into Meryl Streep in the carpark (I didn’t, unfortunately, though not for lack of looking).

Today I was here for a filming of a different kind; I was getting a sneak peek at one of CBeebies newest and most delightful new children’s programmes – Waffle the Wonder Dog. I was lucky enough to go behind the scenes – literally – at Shepperton Studios to watch the hugely talented cast and crew create this heart-warming new series, which will be hitting our screens from February 26.

The series is aimed at children aged four to seven, and focuses on the blended Brooklyn-Bells family – Mum and daughter Evie, and Dad and son Doug – who move into together, only to find they’ve somehow acquired an extra housemate – a miniature poodle named Waffle.

But this is no ordinary dog, as Waffle has a surprising twist in his tail. No spoilers here though – you’ll have to watch to find out what it is!

No one really knows where Waffle came from, but somehow he manages to wag his way into their hearts and their home with his mischievous adventures. Everyone loves the curly-furred scallywag… OK, nearly everyone, as much of the hilarious hijinx comes from Waffle’s encounters with their cat-obsessed neighbour, Mrs Hobbs, and her belligerent kitty George.

But while Waffle might find himself in lots of sticky situations, he always means well and his crazy capers actually help the family learn some valuable life lessons, and bring them closer together.

Waffle the Wonder Dog miniature poodle

Not only was I able to watch a scene being filmed, I even got to meet the star of the show himself. Well, one of them… Waffle the Wonder Dog is actually played by three different red miniature poodles, and I was thrilled to be able to meet one of them as he relaxed between scenes. Isn’t he gorgeous?!

After the scene had wrapped I was invited to check out the houses of the warring neighbours. The Brooklyn-Bell’s set was a perfect replica of a down-to-earth family kitchen – complete with family photos, children’s artwork and an assortment of cheerful clutter.

Waffle the Wonder Dog kitchen set

Waffle the Wonder Dog Mrs Hobbs set

Waffle the Wonder Dog Mrs Hobbs

Next door we took a peek at the purple magnificence of Mrs Hobbs’ house, a kooky collection of all things kitty – from cat curtains, cushions, wallpaper and figurines, to a huge double bed just for grumpy George (Mrs Hobbs sleeps in a single bed in another room).

These sets have been meticulously created, and I was blown away the attention to detail of the designers (right down to finger marks on the walls to make them look ‘lived in’), who must have had an absolute blast finding furnishings and curios to complete these rooms.

Waffle the Wonder Dog exterior car

Waffle the Wonder Dog exterior back garden

The exterior sets are quite surreal – huge printed photo screens lit so cleverly that you have to keep reminding yourself it’s just an illusion and you’re not really in someone’s suburban back garden.

Waffle the Wonder Dog is aimed at the preschool market, but I could easily see my seven-year-old lapping (no pun intended) this up. It’s so sweet and charming, with cleverly-woven humour that makes it one of those programmes you could actually sit down and watch too (you know, those ones when you suddenly realise your child isn’t even in the room anymore, but you’re still avidly watching).

And, at just 11 minutes per episode, it’s the perfect treat-sized length for small attention spans or kids who beg for ‘just one more!’ before naptime.

Waffle the Wonder Dog will be wagging his way into your home, and your heart, on CBeebies from today, at 5.20pm. 

I was a guest of Shepperton Studios and cast and crew of the Waffle the Wonder Dog 

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  1. Amazing photos Jacqui, you look beautiful as always and what an experience. I love the way you’ve described the magic of being on set and the process too. You’ve made me miss directing BIG TIME! Love Shepperton xx

    • Thanks, my lovely buddy! Honestly, I had the BEST day – absolutely loved it! No wonder you miss it so much – it was such a buzz and I just loved being around all those creative, talented people. xx

  2. How cute is that dog? I’d love to have a chance to go behind the scenes of something like this!

  3. We will definitely be looking for this one, both my children love dogs so this will be a huge hit in our house x

  4. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely amazing! What an amazing experience to get to see behind the scenes, and what a cute little pup!

  5. Sounds like an interesting show! It’s awesome that you got to see what goes behind the scenes. Waffle is adorable and I’m sure he’s amazing in the show!

  6. It sounds like a really cool new show and it’s nice that you were able to take a sneak peek x

  7. I have always wanted to see what happens behind the scene of a movie or show, your post put some light to it and I enjoyed reading it and seeing your photos

  8. Oh, how much fun does this look! Sounds like a super show too – we’ll have to check it out!

  9. Did it exceed your expectations? It’s pretty interesting to get a glimpse of producing a show, isn’t it? It looks like you had a great time and it appears everyone was quite welcoming.

  10. This series sounds really entertaining and Waffle is absolutely gorgeous – what a lovable dog!

  11. Such a fantastic experience to go to the sets and see what happens behind the scenes. Looks wonderful!

  12. Oh my goodness what an incredible experience I would love to go behind the scenes of a tv program or movie that would be so cool

  13. Oh wow how exciting to see behind the scenes, I would love to go and photograph something like this 🙂

  14. How lovely that you got to visit the studios were so many great films have been made! I’m a huge Potter fan so I’m very jealous!

    • It was such a great experience – Mary Poppins was being filmed at the same time! x

  15. We won’t be watching Waffle from our nest. Too bad, he is adorable.

  16. I love dogs in kid shows. This reminds me of how well dogs and kids match. There is nothing cuter than a kid and dog pair. I love taking lots of pictures of kids with dogs and they get cute by the day.

  17. Marco Ascensao - July 5, 2018 reply

    This is a great show. My son loves Waffle, so much so that we are now trying get
    our own Waffle ( the no taking one)
    Does anyone knows which kind of poodle Waffle is?
    We came across some different types, but not to sure.

    • Hi Marco, isn’t it a great show? He’s just the cutest dog (in real life too AND on screen!). Apparently, Waffle is a red miniature poodle – hope this helps. 🙂

  18. Marco Ascensao - July 8, 2018 reply

    This is a great show. My son loves Waffle, so much so that we are now trying get
    our own Waffle ( the no taking one)
    Does anyone knows which kind of poodle Waffle is?
    We came across some different types, but not to sure.

  19. Marco Ascensao - July 12, 2018 reply

    Hi Jacqui

    Yes, the show is great
    Thank you ever so much for taking the time to write back, and for let me know
    what breed Waffle is.
    My son will be so happy, i have found already someone not to far from me that got this breed.
    Once again, much appreciated for the info on the matter

    Best regards

  20. I love waffle the wonder dog I aways sing the songs all the time

  21. He’s not a miniature poodle (way too big) he’s a cockapoo. My 2 yr daughter watches it and sings the annoyingly catchy theme tune constantly.

    • Haha! And do you then get the song stuck in your head too?! I agree, he looks a lot like a cockapoo, but the trainer/breeder told me he was actually Red Miniature Poodle, which I’d never heard of before (but now I totally want one!!!) 😉 x

  22. Do you know the real names of the dogs who play Waffle? My children are desperate to know 🙂

    • Ooh, I’m sorry – I was definitely told the name of the dog you can see in the photograph with me, but I can’t remember what it was!!! I will try my best to find out for you. x

  23. I really don’t think he’s a miniature poodle, he’s far too big. He’s a cockapoo.

  24. Waffle is a good dog

  25. John Charles - May 19, 2020 reply

    Please can Waffle skype with me.

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