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There are several things guaranteed to bring make the girls’ smile – school holidays, new episodes of Fuller House landing on Netflix, and PIZZA!

Big Sis and Lil Sis are both huge pizza fans, but they won’t eat just any old brand. Lil Sis, in particular, is quite the connoisseur. She examines it first, eyeing it up first to make sure it looks just right, then tentatively lifts up a slice. Next, she sniffs it, eyes it up again, then gives it the tiniest nibble. Only once she’s absolutely convinced it meets her exacting standards will she commit to a full bite.

When we were invited to try The Pizza Kitchen range, from Chicago Town, I knew she was the one who needed to be won over: the Anna Wintour of the frozen food world.

I picked up three of the four tasty new flavours from our local supermarket – Roasted Chicken, Deli Pepperoni and Cheese Medley (Garden Vegetable was out of stock).

They looked pretty delish on the box, but I knew the proof was in the pizza, so I popped them in the oven after the girls got back from their after-school clubs (you know those frantic evenings when you only have an hour or two to feed them, get homework done and finish school projects before it’s time to time to embark on the bath and bedtime routine!).

The Pizza Kitchen product

The Pizza Kitchen close up

As I watched them bake, the cheese going all bubbly and brown, they looked yummy – but I was still dubious; this was – after all – just a frozen pizza… right?! 

I took out the steaming pizzas and began to cut it into slices, the crust making a satisfying crrrrrunch! as the knife cut through them. I handed one to Big Sis, and waited for her reaction: ‘Mmmmmm, Mum it’s delicious!‘ she proclaimed.

Lil Sis was next… she took a tentative taste, then her eyes widened. ‘It’s actually really nice, Mummy,’ she exclaimed.

The girls both love freshly-baked tiger bread, which is exactly what this crust tastes like – crunchy and crispy on the outside, and bouncy and soft on the inside. The tasty deli-style toppings tasted just like the ones we usually ordered from a well-known pizza delivery chain – but at one-fifth of the price we usually spent. Win-win. 

For the first time I can remember, they both polished off every last bite of their pizzas – even demolishing the crusts they usually leave behind.

The Pizza Kitchen Big Sis

I kept a few slices back for OH, who’s also picky about his pizza, and he loved it too. ‘Definitely buy those again!’ he instructed me.

So The Pizza Kitchen has won us all over with its restaurant quality taste, straight from the freezer – the perfect quick and easy solution for those hectic family evenings.

THE PIZZA KITCHEN range is available now from major supermarkets. 



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