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Panasonic combination microwave

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It’s taken an entire year (!) but we’ve finally received the green light for our house renovations, which will begin in early January. Hurrah! 

However, compromises have had to be made: we’re restricted by an awkward plot design and some annoyingly placed water pipes, so we can’t add on much as space as we would have liked. Which means we’ve had to be really clever with what we do have.

We’re opening the current kitchen to create a big open plan kitchen and dining area, which will be separated by an island. We’ve never had a table that we could eat around (we’ve never had enough space!) so our main focus is creating a much more functional family area, centred around the heart of the home. I’ve recently discovered an enjoyment for cooking (the younger me would be totally shocked), so I’m already dreaming of weekends filled with big home-cooked family meals

I was desperate to get a double oven, but when we sat down with our architect/designer it quickly became obvious we just wouldn’t have room. ‘Why don’t you install a combination microwave?’ she suggested. That’s when I remembered being invited to the Panasonic head office last year to try their fancy new Panasonic combination microwave.

Panasonic combination microwave

Panasonic combination microwave

I was blown away by what these modern appliances could do – they literally combine a regular microwave with the grilling and cooking functions of a traditional oven.

I’ll admit I was dubious, but I watched with my own eyes as the team whipped up perfectly roasted beef, crunchy sourdough bread and squidgy brownies in the microwave, using the oven function. And it was delicious! You would never have guessed the feast had been whipped up in combination microwave.

So that’s what we’ve decided to do – install a regular hob and single oven, and add a Panasonic combination microwave for those times when we need extra cooking space, or to cook two dishes at different temperatures, etc.

It’s the perfect space-saving compromise, don’t you think? 


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  1. Good idea for using a microwave.My kitchen so small,it make me to save some space.Thank for sharing great article.

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