PADDINGTON BEAR 2 // the nation’s favourite bear returns

Paddington Bear movie

‘In London everyone is different and that means anyone can fit in’

It may seem strange to live your life according to the ponderings of a Peruvian bear, but – as the new Paddington Bear movie has reminded me – this fuzzy little mammal has a pretty awesome outlook on life.

From his kind and curious nature to his ability to see the very best in everyone, if everyone was a little more… Paddington…  the world would be a MUCH nicer place.

Like millions of other children, I grew up with Paddington Bear and was so thrilled to introduce my girls to him when the first movie came out.

When a message pinged into my inbox just before half term, inviting us to a special Harper Collins screening of the new Paddington Bear movie, simply named Paddington 2, I couldn’t wait to tell the girls we were heading back to Windsor Gardens again.

Paddington Bear movie taxi

I couldn’t remember the last time we’d all been into London together, so the girls were beside themselves with excitement as we boarded the train to Marylebone (which actually served as the entrance to Paddington Station in the original movie).

From there we jumped into a black cab and headed to that famous home of UK movie premieres – Leicester Square – where we had just enough time to stock up on popcorn and Pick ‘n Mix (fizzy worms for me, jelly beans for Big Sis, a mahoosive gummy snake for Lil Sis).

Paddington Bear movie screen

Paddington Bear movie label

Paddington Bear movie inside

After a few photos (these are blogger kids – they know the drill… ) we made our way inside and high-fived each other when we discovered a row of super-plush reclining theatre sets at the front, complete with retractable tables and electric footrests.

Yep – they were as insanely comfortable as they sound. 

The lights dimmed, and we settled in for the film. Now, as everyone knows, sequel movies are never quite as great as the originals, right?


Paddington 2 is an absolute delight from the opening scene, to the joke-filled final credits. I can’t remember the last time I ran through such a gamut of emotions in one 90 minute period – I laughed, I got misty-eyed (thank goodness for the dark surroundings), I was nervous with worry and my heart literally soared with joy.

Without giving too much away, the giggle-filled plot revolves around a mysterious old pop-up book of famous London landmarks, that reveals some long-hidden secrets along the way.

The emotional journey is so real you totally forget Paddington is (close your ears children) actually just an animation and that the stellar cast was, in fact, acting to a blank space. They, and the clever, funny, quirky storyline, and the sheer delightfulness of Paddington himself pull you into the story and sweep you away with their kooky shenanigans.

Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins are delightfully dotty as Henry and Mary Brown, while Julie Walters is spot on as the no-nonsense Mrs Bird. Brendan Gleeson is both terrifying and endearing as Knuckles McGinty, but the show is completely and utterly stolen by Hugh Grant.

I’ve always liked Hugh, but wouldn’t have classed him as one of my favourite actors. Until now. To say he is magnificent sounds a bit over-the-top, but he truly is magnificent: playing egocentric has-been Phoenix Buchanan to hilarious perfection, he elevates Paddington 2 from amazing, to utterly brilliant.

This unmissable film is for all ages (remember to stay seated through the credits for some extra giggles at the end). Thank you so much to Harper Collins for the invite, and our magical girls’ day out.

You can even buy your own collector’s copy of Paddington’s Pop-Up London book (pre-order now for a gorgeous Christmas gift) and, if you travel to the capital before Dec 3, you can complete the Paddington Trail – you’ll find your favourite furry bear hanging out at five iconic London locations. Collect the letters hidden on each installation, and you can enter to win a Pop-Up London book of your very own. 


  1. My daughter is watching the Paddington movie on dvd as I’m reading your post. We should definitely look out for Paddington 2 when we’re in London at Christmas time.

    • Awwwwww – what great timing! You absolutely need to check it out when you’re back in the UK, it’s literally one of the sweetest movies we’ve seen in years. x

  2. I am so jealous you have seen it already, we loved the first one and my girls and I can’t wait to see it.

    • Ah, you’ll absolutely love it! We adored the first one, and this one is even better. You’ll have to come back and tell me what you think! x

  3. I loved the first one, Ben Whishaw is just perfect as the voice of Paddington, can’t wait to see this one

    • Yes! He’s the perfect mix of inquisitive and endearing – which must be hard when you’ve only got your voice to ‘act’ with! x

  4. Ah sounds like you had a lovely day out. My little one can’t wait to see the movie and is eagerly waiting:-)

  5. I wasn’t pleasently surprised that I actually loved the first Paddington movie! It sounds like you all had a lovely day out. It’s looks like a really sweet movie, and I love their little Paddington toy. I used to have a big classic Paddington Bear when I was younger. x

  6. That cinema sounds like a dream, I am huge fan of Paddington Bear! Sounds like a must watch! 🙂

  7. I loved the first film – perfect for the whole family. Can’t wait to see the second one, it sounds like you had a fab day

    • It was a brilliant day – if you liked the first one you’ll LOVE the second one! x

  8. I loved the first Paddington, Lucas is a bit young to go to the cinema at the moment but I might go on my own!

  9. We’re looking forward to Paddington 2. We watched the first one again last night in preparation.

  10. Haven’t heard about this movie and I’m sure this is so fun and looks like you had an awesome day

  11. ah i so agree with that quote on top, London is just such a melting pot!

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