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Children and teeth brushing; otherwise known as the eternal battle that rages between parents and their offspring.

I’ve tried reminding, cajoling, incentivising (OK, bribing) and even explaining to the girls that, if they didn’t brush regularly, bugs could start growing on their teeth and chew holes right into them.

That’s enough to scare them into brushing, right? Apparently not.

But recently they’ve been rushing to brush their teeth morning and night, for two full plaque-busting minutes.

Why the sudden change in their dental routine? No, they haven’t finally decided to listen to me – in fact, it’s all down to their new Oral-B Kids’ Power electric toothbrushes.

The girls were both sent rechargeable brushes from the new character range (Big Sis chose Star Wars and Lil Sis chose Frozen – you can also get a Cars version) and were ridiculously thrilled to get one ‘just like Mummy’s!’.

That night, rather than dragging their feet over to the bathroom sink, they both sprinted over to their new brushes, practically elbowing each other out of the way to get there first.

‘WAIT!’ I called, ‘there’s more…’

I handed them the iPad, where I’d also downloaded the Disney Magic Timer App (you can find it on iTunes or Google Play) which encourages kids to brush for the full two minutes recommended by dentists. How? As the kids brush a Disney picture is revealed, bit by bit. BUT… they have to wait for the entire two minutes before they can see the full vista. Genius, right? 

By this time my girls were (and here’s a sentence I never thought I’d type) begging to brush their teeth. ‘Off you go!’ I instructed. The toothbrushes sprang to life and the girls began to brush with wild abandonment – toothpaste foam flying as that pesky plaque was removed by the soft, rotating bristles.

‘This is so much FUN!’ they cried. Well, I think that’s what they said – it was a bit hard to tell with all that teeth cleaning going on. 

After two minutes the app instructed them that time was up (even without the app this clever kids’ electric toothbrush also alerts them by sending a vibrating pulse through the handle).

The kids loved the novelty of the electric toothbrush and the app, and also the cool Frozen and Star Wars designs. While Mummy loved the fact they now willingly brushed their teeth AND removed more plaque than their old manual toothbrushes in the process.

Another huge plus is the fact they’re rechargeable – the girls have tried battery versions in the past, but it drove me mad to have to constantly replace the batteries. By contrast, the Oral B kids’ electric toothbrush lasts for up to five days, then you just pop it back on the charging station. Too easy.

AND, the heads are replaceable so when someone chews on them *stares at Big Sis* you only have to buy a new head – not an entirely new toothbrush (they also have a handy colour indicator on the bristles – when they fade down to the halfway point it’s time to swap). Even though you’re paying more at the outset, over time you’re getting better results, for less money.

Thanks, Oral B for making teeth cleaning a fun chore, rather than a bore.

Kids' electric toothbrush app

• we were sent two Oral B Power kids’ toothbrushes for the purpose of review



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  1. This is amazing!! I love how technology evolves to make people’s life easier or in this case make our children brush their teeth and have fun while doing it!!

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