ALL WRAPPED UP // cashmere pashminas from somerville scarves

Stylish autumn scarves

I adore autumn fashion – jackets, boots and big woolly jumpers to ward off those cool, crisp days.

I’m a big hat fan too, but, sadly, they don’t love me back (in 44 years I’ve not found a single one that suits me), so my ‘go-to’ accessories have always been scarves.

I like them soft and snuggly and oversized, so I can twist and wrap them, and think they add the finishing flourish to any outfit. So I was thrilled when Somerville Scarves got in touch to see if I wanted to try one of their 100% cashmere pashminas.

After pretty much falling in love with all of them, I finally decided on the natural grey with small silver stars from their contemporary metallics range. It’s soft and warm, but light enough that it doesn’t make you feel weighted down or claustrophobic like some bulky scarves can.

(FYI: these are not just for the colder months; because it’s a pashmina you can also use them as light wraps in summer.)

It literally goes with everything and the pretty silver stars add style and a bit of fun to any outfit; I’m literally wishing for colder weather, so I can wear it more often!

What are your favourite autumn accessories?

• my gorgeous scarf was provided for review


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