WARM AND STYLISH AUTUMN FASHION // jd williams leather jacket review

Autumn is my favourite style season, by a country mile.

Now that I’m a ‘lady of a certain age’, summer is a minefield – trying to balance comfort and coolness without revealing too many of the wobbly bits. In winter you might as well be wearing a sleeping bag, and spring brings that terrifying first reveal of blinding-white skin and hobbit feet *shudders*.

Autumn, by comparison, is the perfect balance of style and comfort. For me, it means soft layers, snuggly cardigans, boots (ankle, mid or knee-high – all are welcome here!), and fabulous outerwear.

I’m a total coat and jacket fanatic – if I had the money (and the wardrobe space) I’d probably buy a different one every week. I have my waxed jacket with the fur colour for weekend walks, my voluminous 90’s-style wool coat for crisp evenings out, and my double-breasted reefer coat for day trips to London.

I have a warm weather raincoat and a colder weather raincoat, and a jacket made entirely out of sequins (I’ve just remembered how much I love that one – I’ll have to find somewhere to wear it soon…).

And then we have the leather jackets *sighs deeply*. I remember my very first leather coat – I was 23, and visiting Rome for the very first time. By sheer luck, we’d arrived in the eternal city just as the sales began, and I found an amazing double-breasted peacoat that belted at the waist.

It was absurdly expensive when converted back to Kiwi dollars, but I didn’t care. I HAD to have it. I wore that coat for years – until the leather was so worn in it felt like velvet, and the seams were literally busting apart.

So when JD WILLIAMS invited me to review something from their new range of women’s winter coats, I was drawn straight to this timeless Joanna Hope leather jacket.

I loved the cropped style, which you can layer over soft base layers and cashmere jumpers, and the contemporary stitched detail around the edges. The leather was buttery soft, making it super comfortable to wear, and the collarless design was just screaming to be teamed with my Somerville Scarves silver star pashmina.

Some jackets can add bulk, but this sleekly tailored design creates a lovely streamlined silhouette instead. And, being leather, it blocks all those bracing autumn breezes. Wear it with a fancy top and tailored trousers for one of those rare nights out, or throw it on with skinny jeans and a jumper to pick the kids up.

Thanks, JD Williams, for adding an extra splash of style to my daily school run – don’t forget to check out their range of affordable women’s leather jackets, and winter coats. 

• did you see Big Sis in her Mayoral kids’ biker jacket? Or the post when we customised Lil Sis’s old denim jacket?

• jacket provided for the purpose of review


  1. Oooh Jax I am LOVING this jacket, it’s exactly the sort of jacket that I would choose too. I have a wardrobe AND a cloakroom FULL of coats but you can never have too many right? 😉

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