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Ring video doorbell

It’s National Doorbell Day… but you knew that already, right?

We were recently given the chance to review a Ring video doorbell from MAPLIN, which was perfect timing as we’re finally starting our home renovations early in the new year (after being stuck in planning approval limbo for the past seven months!). 

One of the things that has always bothered me about our house is the fact it doesn’t have a peephole in the front door. After a decade living in London, where we had a security door, door chain, peephole AND a deadlock, this made me feel vulnerable when people knocked, as I couldn’t clearly see who was outside.

There was a split second as I opened the door when I had no idea who, or what, I would find, and it made me a bit nervous – especially late at night. OH and I had talked many times about installing a CCTV camera, but never quite got around to sorting it out, which is why this stylish video doorbell was so appealing.

Rather than a bulky camera, the Ring is a rechargeable camera and doorbell unit in one, that you simply screw to your outside wall (you can also get a version that hardwires to your electrics). Download the Ring app to your smartphone and you’ll be alerted every time someone rings the bell.

Ring video doorbell screen

Ring video doorbell

With the touch of a button, you can activate the camera and safely see who is standing outside. You can even ‘answer’ the door by speaking to them through your phone, which is then broadcast crisply and clearly through the doorbell unit.

This is ideal for those moments when it’s awkward to get to the door (is it just me, or do couriers deliberately wait until you’ve just stepped into the shower to turn up?!), or even for those moments when you’re not even there at all.

Everyone can relate to the frustration of waiting in all day for an important delivery, dashing out to grab the kids from school, then coming back to find the ‘Sorry We Missed You’ card. Grrrrrrr! But with the Ring installed you can intercept visitors from wherever you are, and give instructions remotely (please leave by the back door, etc).

They don’t even need to know you’re not at home – which is also added security measure. In fact, you don’t have to wait for someone to ring your doorbell to check out who’s on your doorstep, as the Ring has a built-in motion sensor.

You can set it up to send an alert your phone when movement is detected, and with the press of a single button you can switch on the camera and see exactly who it is, and whether or not they should be there. And if they shouldn’t, you can even scare them off by activating the speaker and letting them know, in no uncertain terms, that you’re watching their every move.

So you could literally be holidaying in Devon while scaring away suspicious bystanders in London – giving you practicality AND peace of mind. Pretty clever, right? 

Ring video doorbell close up

• our Ring video doorbell was provided for the purpose of review

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