WEAR A SMILE EVERY DAY // reviewing the smiggle jewellery range

Smiggle Smile

The other weekend OH had to go away for work, leaving us to our own devices. Which meant just one thing – PAMPER PARTY! 

The girls had been sent a selection of the new Smile kids’ jewellery range from SMIGGLE (AKA: their favourite place on the planet, where a ‘smile meets a giggle’ in a perfect explosion of colour and glitter and fruit-scented pens) so we decided to make it an unadulterated girls’ night in.

I stocked up on popcorn, bunged a pizza in the oven, and downloaded all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid videos.

The girls had been dying to see what was inside their Smiggle Smile package all week and were literally squealing with excitement when I finally opened it up. ‘Rings!’ they screamed. ‘Oh my GOSH – look at the necklaces!’ ‘AND THE HAIR CLIPS!’

Before I knew it they were dripping in the finest faux Smiggle jewellery, necks lined with chokers, fingers weighted with rings and bracelets clinking from their wrists.

Smiggle jewellery rainbow choker

Lil Sis immediately coveted the glittery cat ears headband, while Big Sis grabbed the unicorn horn, dotted with roses. I was expecting world war three over all the glittering goodies, but the girls have distinctly different tastes so they managed to divvy up their Smile booty quite easily: the pieces they both loved, they agreed to share.

Then, the girls pulled back their hair with their personalised hairbands (thanks for that lovely touch, Smiggle!) and we all put on our face masks, because, well, pamper party!

The Smiggle team had also sent us a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbles, so we popped that baby and toasted our boy-free weekend while scoffing pizza and popcorn, and cringing at the unfortunate antics of wimpy kid, Greg Heffley.

Thanks for our perfect girls’ night in, and letting us #wearasmileeveryday! 

• our lovely Smiggle jewellery hamper was provided for review

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  1. I’ve bought my granddaughter the smiggles jewellery box So I’m now after buying her some jewellery

    • Awww, what an amazing Nana you are! My youngest has the jewellery box too and absolutely adores it. x

  2. Hello Jacqul, I love to wear jewelry. This is a really fantastic idea. I can’t wait to apply this. I love this style. It is looking gorgeous and stylish. This is appreciable post. Thanks and keep sharing.

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