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Halloween makeup tutorial scary face

Autumn is undeniably here, which means one thing… Halloween is looming!

This spooky celebration is thought to have begun as a Gaelic harvest festival called Samhain, a night when the souls of the dead were able to cross back to the land of the living.

By the 18th century, the practice had spread to England and been adopted as a Christian ceremony called All Hallows’ Eve. In the 19th century, Scottish and Irish immigrants took their ancient Celtic traditions across the Atlantic, where the Americans quickly embraced Halloween (as it had come to be called). In fact, it was they who introduced one of the now-iconic elements of the holiday – the carved pumpkin.

But the UK has claimed back its supernatural celebration, and Halloween is now a huge event in our yearly calendar.

I’ve made no secret of the fact I’m pretty rubbish at anything arty or crafty, so I figured there must be other parents out there who were also dreading being asked to whip up a suitably scary costume for the big day.

So I called on professional face painter Amy, from A Touch of Sparkle, to give me a step-by-step Halloween makeup tutorial that you can easily replicate at home with just three face paints – white, black and red – a sponge, and a paint brush (glitter finish is optional).


Do an allergy test first – try a bit of the facepaint on your model’s wrist and leave for one hour to make sure there’s no reaction. Dampen your spongesSit them on a nice high chair or stool, with plenty of natural light so you can see what you’re doing. Secure hair with a headband to keep it off the face.


Using a damp makeup sponge (squeeze it out to make sure it’s not too wet) coat the entire face with a white base, including the lips. If you want a strong, solid white let it dry and apply a second coat, being careful not to get it in the hairline.


Use a stippling sponge (or lightly sweep a regular makeup sponge) to brush on some gaunt cheeks, sunken eyes and spooky shadows.


Wet a fine-tipped face paint brush (make sure it’s not dripping) and swirl it into the face paint to load the brush with colour. Carefully outline the vampire widow’s peak to the hairline and fill it in (you can use a bigger brush for this). Be confident – use strong lines and don’t worry if it’s not perfect, that will come with practice. Use feathery upward strokes to create the eyebrows, painting them just above the natural brow line.


Clean the brush, or use a new one, and use it to outline, then fill in, the bright red lips (add a streak of blood running from one corner for extra-creepy oomph!). Add your white Dracula teeth and a battle scar on the cheek.


If you want your vampire to have an extra dash of glamour, use something like the Beauty Boulevard Festival Glitter Kit – lightly sweep the fixing gel across the face, then use the short, thick brush to apply the glitter flakes.

TA-DAH! There you have it – the perfect vampire look for Halloween. Let me know if you try this yourself – Tweet me the pics @JaxFortyNorth

• check out A Sparkle of Glitter’s Facebook page for more of Amy’s gorgeously glittery designs 

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Halloween makeup tutorial scary face


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  1. This is brilliant. Thanks for the tutorial xx

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