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One of the hardest parts of parenthood is figuring out when and how to let your children go.

From the moment they’re born we watch our babies like protective mama bears, shielding them from danger and distress. As they grow and rush towards independence, us mums (and dads) desperately fight the instinct to pull them back into our arms.

When Big Sis was first born, video baby monitors were a brand-new invention. It was a bit of an extravagance back then, but the peace of mind that grainy, flickering black and white image gave us – as nervous first-time parents – was priceless.

Technology has moved on massively in the nine years since; these days video monitors are much more mainstream and the image quality is exceptional. Now you can live stream the footage to your mobile phone or tablet – you can even check in on your children when you’re away from home, a huge reassurance for working parents who’d otherwise miss those lovely everyday moments.

Our world is becoming increasingly digital, which is why Panasonic created their Smart Home monitoring and control system. At its nucleus is the Smart Hub, wirelessly connecting to your existing home wifi, and linking all the other components.

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Where you go from there is up to you – say you begin with the Baby Monitoring Camera Kit (KX-HN6001EW), which includes the hub and one Smart Home indoor camera. Once you reach toddler stage, there’s no need to let that camera gather dust, as there are a myriad other uses.

Keep the camera set up in your child’s room to make sure they’re not getting up to mischief (read about how Laura from Mum on a Mission relies on one to help provide for the special needs of her son, William), or use it as a security camera/nanny cam in your main living space. You can even access the feed while you’re away from home, or on holiday.

We’re about to carry out a big renovation, and one of our end goals is to create a smart home environment: the Panasonic system is a great way to do it, as you can add to your system as and when you’re ready.

There are a range of additional products and kits available to build your own bespoke Smart Home system – from window and door sensors and smart plugs (to remotely control your appliances), to exterior cameras that allow you to see at a glance who is at your front door, and even communicate with them via a two-way speaker.

You can even add extras like an indoor siren, water leak sensor, keychain remote, or even a digital cordless handset.

All the components ‘talk’ to each other via DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications), which is more secure and more reliable than wifi.

You’re not just creating a smart home, but a safer one too.

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Panasonic watching over kids from Mummy’s Little Monkey on Vimeo.


  1. I think Panasonic have some great technology to monitor your home. I’m a big fan of this brand

  2. I love how tech there is now to make you feel safe. I know my nan has a surveillance camera so she can see whose at the door before opening and that makes her feel much safer x

  3. Oh this is really one of the benefits of having the high technology age. It makes our home safer!

  4. Some of this technology is incredible and my sister had something similar with my nephews, and I was so shocked at how clear and how good both the video and sound was!

  5. This looks like a great device for keeping an eye on little ones to make sure they are safe and behaving and reassuring parents.

  6. This is a really good post, and something important to think about. Safety is key when it comes to family, and this looks like a great device!

  7. What a fantastic invention. I would be a total worrier if I had kids so being able to protect them and my home in this way would be ideal xxx

  8. One of the best things we can do is to constantly change the wifi passwords.
    I heard a story of a creative dad that only gave his kids the password when they would do specific chores.
    Just another way to keep your kids safe.

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