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My girls LOVE music: they love playing it, singing (loudly) along to it and hitting the dance floor to it.

OH still takes huge delight in telling people that Big Sis’s favourite song when she was four was Baba O’Riley, by The Who, complete with air guitar moves at the end.

Many of our favourite family moments are set to a musical backdrop – in the summer we open up the folding sliding doors and blast the music while we barbecue. There are regular dance competitions in the lounge, and heated debates during X-Factor – Santa even bought the girls a microphone and stand last year, so they could hold their own auditions in the play area.

But just because music is fun, doesn’t mean it’s frivolous.

In fact, preschool music is known to stimulate contentment and creativity in children. Our brains are designed to respond to music – tiny babies are soothed by lullabies, toddlers break into jerky jigs when they hear their favourite song, teenagers spend hours holed up in their bedrooms streaming playlists through their smartphones.

Although the mysteries of music haven’t yet been fully unravelled, it’s believed to stimulate the limbic system – the emotional and learning centre of our brains. Some believe that learning and playing a musical instrument creates new neural pathways which, in turn, improves brain structure and function, and increases emotional intelligence.

That’s pretty big, right? 

For professional musicians, Anna and Adam, music was always going to play a huge part in their family lives. However, they were surprised to find a shortage of quality, age-appropriate songs that allowed parents to interact with their young children.

So they composed their own, giving old classics – such as ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’, and ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ – a contemporary and melodic new makeover. 

Inspired, they went on to create preschool music theory tutorials for parents and animated stories for kids, and POMELODY (the ‘Power of Melody’) was born.

Pomelody is a home-based on-line music education system that aims to unlock and encourage your child’s innate musical ability, and enable them to express themselves through sound.

The premise is simple – babies and young children learn by hearing, seeing and mimicking. They soak up all the influences around them, processing and learning much more quickly than adults. If exposed to sound during these impressionable years, they can establish a deeper and more intuitive understanding of music – something that will not just challenge them, but also bring them joy for the rest of their lives.

Anna and Adam hope to encourage families to access the growing library of online resources, and embrace preschool music as a family – whether that be singing, dancing or just clapping along.

Every quarter a new selection of songs and resources will be released on the website – consisting of 10 films, 25 songs, a songbook, animated stories and three animated lectures – so you’ll never run out of fun, engaging musical inspiration.

To finalise the Pomelody platform, they’ve launched a KICKSTARTER campaign (live right now!) which will allow them to continue composing and producing a new season of resources for the paid service.

However, they want to see EVERY child receive the same advantages; if support is high and the fundraising exceeds their expectations they plan to use the additional funds to create a free version of Pomelody for use in orphanages around the world.

Backers receive a range of rewards, but the biggest is knowing that they’ve supported a programme than will enrich children’s lives all around the world.

Isn’t that just music to your ears? 

• pre-order season one of Pomelody on Kickstarter now for just $US69! 


  1. Hi Jacqui, have you ever tried online classes for kids? I really love Pomelody and would like to buy but how can I convince my huseband that it’s a good investment? Any ideas? 😀

    • Hi Katya, actually my girls both do their homework via an online website, and they LOVE it! Not only is it fun and interactive for them, but they’ve grown up with technology, so to do it online is actually very natural for them. I’d suggest showing your husband some of the YouTube videos – if you search ‘Pomelody’ there are instructional videos and even some ‘behind the scenes’ footage of the team composing and creating the songs. It should give your husband a better understanding of how it all works, and also what great quality the songs and lessons are. Hope this helps! x

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