gold sandals giveaway

Will you look at these shoes? *goes into trance-like state* So pretty… so shiny….

Earlier in the summer I was set a challenge by M&S to find the perfect summer wedding outfit for under £125 (the same amount of the gift card you’ll receive simply for switching your current account to M&S Bank).

So, off I went shopping (damn, I love my job), and after much deliberation I decided on a slightly out-of-the-norm (but totally me) outfit – a shirt dress, accessoried with a drop necklace, strappy gold sandals and a fun, coloured clutch.

I loved the overall look, but there was just one problem: I can’t walk in heels. By that I don’t mean I can’t walk very far, or that my feet start hurting. I mean I literally cannot walk in heels without tumbling over. And when I fall I usually break something (have you read about my accident-prone life?).

So, as perfect as these were for my challenge, I knew I couldn’t keep them *sob*.

But my loss is your gain – because (provided you wear a size 5 shoe) YOU could win these shiny little lovelies, worth £35!

To enter, simply follow the Rafflecopter prompts. Good luck!

e: 26/9/17, UK only, promoter not responsible for prizes lost or damaged in transit, promoter’s and winner’s details available on request.

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  1. I would wear them over the festive period with my little black dress – they are gorgeous and my size too!

  2. Rebecca Brown - September 13, 2017 reply

    They look perfect for Christmas party season – fancy and sparkly, but not too over the top!

  3. Marylyn Hammersley - September 13, 2017 reply

    I can only wear flat shoes, but these would go to New York to my beautiful daughter and probably be worn in a rooftop bar! She would love them!

  4. Chris Andrews - September 13, 2017 reply

    Where would you wear these, if you won? 🙂 . . . .l’m sure l could persuade himself to take me out for a meal

  5. On my feet! Lol. Actually mine are much too big but I know a little lady who would love these

  6. night out

  7. Annabel Greaves - September 13, 2017 reply

    I would wear them on an evening out

  8. Angela Treadway - September 13, 2017 reply

    To a wedding reception coming up x

  9. Hogmanay Event, as it is a Celebration. Gold Sandals :- Nice and Glitzsy, Glamourous.

  10. laura stewart - September 13, 2017 reply

    with wrk friends when we go out for a drink x

  11. Would wear them when I go out on a girly night to a bar and have a boogy

  12. My lovely friend’s wedding in November. (I am really starting to panic about what to wear.)

  13. fiona waterworth - September 13, 2017 reply

    I would wear them to dance in, at my daughters wedding

  14. Lorraine Mabbitt - September 13, 2017 reply

    A wedding that I’m going to at the end of September

  15. Joanne Darnell - September 13, 2017 reply

    To a party

  16. These would be lovely for parties.

  17. I would wear them for my birthday for cocktails with friends to a bar

  18. Sarah Taylor-Fergusson - September 13, 2017 reply

    Okay, if I won these pretty things, and I am an M&S size 5, I would pick a date for my long overdue drinks party at my house – perhaps go for Hallowe’en – and that would mean I wouldn’t need to wear these out of the house but I could still get very shinily dressed up for spooky cocktails for my grown-up friends and young kids.

  19. To my son’s christening, fingers crossed as I’m a size 5!!

  20. I know people will hate me for saying this, but its not that long until the xmas party! These would love fab!

  21. Anthony Harrington - September 13, 2017 reply

    Lol I promise I wouldn’t wear them. but my Daughter would to her works xmas party!

  22. paula cheadle - September 13, 2017 reply

    I would wear them next month, when my hubby and my family take me out for my 50th birthday

  23. Michelle Chapman - September 13, 2017 reply

    would be lovely for xmas

  24. Michelle Smith - September 13, 2017 reply

    To my daughters wedding

  25. To my friends wedding 🙂

  26. Danielle Spencer - September 14, 2017 reply

    I would wear these on a night out.

  27. Margaret GALLAGHER - September 14, 2017 reply

    So many parties and 18th birthday celebrations
    I’d look fab

  28. Angie McDonald - September 14, 2017 reply

    They’d be the perfect heels for all the upcoming festive parties!

  29. i would wear them at xmas when we usually go out for a meal.

  30. To a couple of weddings we are going to and my Christmas party

  31. I would love to give these to my sister she would love them!! I can’t walk in stilletoes but she wears them all the time and has a specual party to go to in November!

  32. stuart hargreaves - September 14, 2017 reply

    To the ball they are better than Cinderella glass slipper from an ugly sister

  33. To the Christmas outings, and also to a wedding reception in December x

  34. to my son’s 21st celebratory meal and then to all the christmas events!! after that, it’s summer round the corner, I hope!!

  35. I like to rebel and wear them where it is not traditional to do so. That means wearing them with a strappy dress to a daytime function such as a work do.

  36. They are perfect for wearing over the festive season – that’s unbelievably not that far off (there was a Summer this year right??)….I’d just have to hope I get some nice party invitations 😉 x

  37. tese would look great to wear to works christmas party!

  38. Perfect for a Christmas party x

  39. I wouldn’t, but wife would on a “date” night 🙂

  40. Sadiyyya Maryam - September 14, 2017 reply

    To my brothers wedding in November they would match my gold and navy outfit perfectly!

  41. Kristyn Harris - September 14, 2017 reply

    Would love to win and wear these to my cousins wedding in April next year.

  42. I would wear them on an evening out.

  43. Michaela Hannah - September 14, 2017 reply

    I’ve got a wedding and a hen do coming up which these would be perfect for!

  44. Laura Pritchard - September 14, 2017 reply

    I want to win these for my lovely Size 5 sister so she can wear them to her many Christmas parties!

  45. Debbie Rennie - September 14, 2017 reply

    Its my 50th Birthday soon these would be perfect to wear at my party

  46. Susie Wilkinson - September 14, 2017 reply

    I think now they would have to be put away for next summer, I won’t have cold feet for anyone! But once the weather warms up again, they’d be great for going out for my birthday!

  47. Jessica Quinn - September 15, 2017 reply

    I know the perfect person to gift these to – my wonderful mother-in-law who would slip into these like Cinderella! She’d probably wear them everywhere – she’s so glam!

  48. I would love to wear them for christmas x

  49. I’d take them on holiday with me!

  50. We just booked a cruise on the QM2 and they will look nice for formal nights.

  51. MANDY DOHERTY - September 17, 2017 reply

    I’d give them to my friend who would love wearing the to Xmas parties

  52. Katie Kingsbury - September 17, 2017 reply

    On my next cruise holiday, perfect for formal nights.

  53. cheryl hadfield - September 18, 2017 reply

    I would love to wear these to Christmas parties this year

  54. I’d save them for Christmas.

  55. friends wedding 🙂

  56. Victoria Prince - September 20, 2017 reply

    I would wear these for my uncle’s wedding 🙂

  57. Kirsteen Mackay - September 22, 2017 reply

    I’d wear them on holiday.

  58. Leanne Perrett - September 22, 2017 reply

    as much asi love them they would be too small but my dainty mum would absolutely love these 🙂

  59. Mrs M A Quinnell - September 23, 2017 reply

    for my Christmas night out -perfect with a bit of a fake tan!

  60. Allan Fullarton - September 23, 2017 reply

    My wife would wear them on holiday.

  61. Would be a gift for the other half

  62. perfect for special nights out

  63. I would wear it to my work’s Christmas party.

  64. Any night out, most probably fall I haven’t worn heels for ages

  65. Angela Macdonald - September 24, 2017 reply

    I would wear them either for Xmas parties, or even just on nights out with the girls to glam up jeans and a top

  66. georgina sudron - September 24, 2017 reply

    A party as they look like good day dancing shoes love the colour

  67. anywhere

  68. DENISE WILDEN - September 24, 2017 reply

    My works Christmas party

  69. Lyndsey Bruce - September 25, 2017 reply

    I’d wear them over the Christmas season. They add a bit of sparkle 🙂

  70. id wear them on a night out

  71. Lisa Wilkinson - September 25, 2017 reply

    On my work’s Christmas night out

  72. Out to a party on a boat that’s coming up soon

  73. out dancing on a night out in the town

  74. Anthea Holloway - September 25, 2017 reply

    I would wear them to Christmas parties and dances.

  75. I would wear these on a night out and on special occasions assuming my daughter doesn’t nick them off me as we are both size 5

  76. Gillian Hutchison - September 25, 2017 reply

    I would wear them on a mummies night out that we have been planning for ages

  77. I’d wear these with the lovely dress ive just bought for an upcoming football testimonial dinner event!

  78. jacqui rankine - September 25, 2017 reply

    So gorgeous. Please count me in.

  79. Well I’d start by wearing them for my birthday night out 🙂 They would look gorgeous with my little black dress… I also have a charity gala coming up so I would probably wear them for that. I think they would also look pretty cool teamed with my skinny jeans and a white blouse at weekends… be honest the possibilities are endless x

  80. thse would be lovely dressed up with some accessories and my little black dress to the office christmas do

  81. Catherine Barton - September 25, 2017 reply

    I would wear therefor my 40th night out on 29th October…!

  82. if i win then I would wear them to my nieces wedding

  83. The wife is a size 5 and would love these. Being a new mum we don’t get many nights out so these would be great for a mummy and daddy date night

  84. Caroline Smith - September 25, 2017 reply

    Perfect for the works Christmas party!

  85. I’d wear these on my honeymoon to Mauritius next week

  86. Amy Jane Beckett - September 25, 2017 reply

    To my dads 60th birthday party with my lovely new dress

  87. Kayleigh Watkins - September 25, 2017 reply

    I would wear them to celebrate my fiance and my eight year anniversary at the end of October, in eight years we have come a long way and have three beautiful children, its the only time we really have away from the children as we don’t like to leave them xXx

  88. I would wear them to a wedding I am going to,in October

  89. Rebecca Shelton - September 26, 2017 reply

    probably over Christmas on a meal out with the family.

  90. Natalie Gillham - September 26, 2017 reply

    I would wear them on special occassions and evenings out!

  91. I’d like to win these for my partner Claire who I’m sure would find the perfect time / occasion to wear them!

    Thanks for the competition.

  92. alice lightning - September 26, 2017 reply

    beautiful its my daughters wedding soon,as I,m quite short these would be gorgeous to wear with my cream outfit fingers crossed

  93. These are so pretty I’d love to wear them I’ve got a wedding coming up and these would look fab x

  94. Jacqui Graham - September 26, 2017 reply

    for my wedding anniversary in October, then for all my Christmas parties in December

  95. Caroline Blaza - September 26, 2017 reply

    These would be great for Christmas parties I am hoping to get invited to!

  96. Stephanie Keill - September 26, 2017 reply

    I would love to be able to wear these beauties on date night with m ly partner

  97. Vicki-Anne Smith - September 26, 2017 reply

    These would be perfect for my Christmas night out with the girls!

  98. We are going on holiday to Cyprus and I think these would be the perfect evening wear!

  99. Serena La Pietra - September 26, 2017 reply

    Sure liven up a pair of jeans.

  100. christmas night out with the girls 🙂

  101. Maria Jane Knight - September 26, 2017 reply

    I would wear these to my fiends wedding in December!!

  102. sarah fielding - September 26, 2017 reply

    I would wear these for the christmas party season!

  103. Victoria Thurgood - September 26, 2017 reply

    I would wear these to a nice meal out

  104. Christina Curtis - September 26, 2017 reply

    I would wear them out on a date night for our 6 year anniversary

  105. Emilia nastaly-howard - September 26, 2017 reply

    For x-mas party 🙂

  106. Simone Griffin - September 26, 2017 reply

    I have a wedding coming up and these would be perfect with my outfit x

  107. They would be perfect for our anniversary night out, 10 years this year :-o.

  108. these would be perfect for the christmas season
    and have a lovely back dress an gold bag in mind to match these perfectly
    to a christmas ball

  109. Tracey Tedford - September 26, 2017 reply

    I would wear them out to dinner and Christmas parties xx

  110. Margery Lumsdaine - September 26, 2017 reply

    To our works Christmas Party, especially as my daughters couldn’t ‘borrow’ them – their feet are bigger than mine 😀

  111. for our works christmas party !

  112. Pauline Burroughs - September 26, 2017 reply

    Looking ahead these would be great to wear for our New Year party

  113. Christmas party x

  114. Christmas parties

  115. Natalie Crossan - September 26, 2017 reply

    These would be great for parties x

  116. A beautiful wedding I’m invited too soon x

  117. Claire Elizabeth Noke - September 26, 2017 reply

    My cousins wedding ! 🙂 x

  118. I would wear these to my friends birthday party next month.

  119. claire fawkner - September 26, 2017 reply

    To my works Christmas party

  120. Lauren Blackamore - September 26, 2017 reply

    These would perfectly match a dress I have for a wedding next month

  121. Caroline Signey - September 26, 2017 reply

    Christmas parties

  122. wife likes them

  123. Jeanette Leighton - September 26, 2017 reply

    When going around my mum’s for Christmas and im size 5

  124. My Birthday Night out with my man next month x x x

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