MY BALLERINA BABY // swirly, twirly angel’s face tutus

Angel's Face girls' tutus

From the moment she was old enough to pick her own clothes, Lil Sis has loved dressing up. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen her as excited as the moment she lifted off the top of her striped hat box, to reveal her new ANGEL’S FACE girl’s tutu.

As she lifted layers and layer of blush pink tulle, her puzzled expression changed to one of utter glee. ‘I LOVE it!‘ she squealed. ‘It’s so soft and swishy, and it’s got a beautiful ribbon!’

Then she unwrapped the second parcel, a black t-shirt made from silky soft jersey cotton. ‘Turn it around,’ I told her, and she literally gasped when she saw the iridescent gold sequinned wings on the back.

‘Oh my GOSH!’ she squealed, her hands a blur as she rushed to pull them on.

Lil Sis has an ‘old-fashioned’ beauty – pale skin, green eyes and strawberry blonde hair – so this deliciously fluffy girl’s tutu (which reminded me of flouncy Victorian petticoats) just looked so perfect on her. The satin ribbon actually tightens the waistband and would usually sit inside, but Lil Sis loved it so much she wanted it on show.

The t-shirt is soft and super comfortable, and has a whimsical rock chick feel that balances out the prettiness of the tutu; when the light catches the sequins they literally come alive in a sparkly rainbow of colours.

Lil Sis has insisted on wearing this outfit to every party and day out since, and every single time someone has come up and complimented the t-shirt, or asked where we got the skirt – including grown-ups who want to know if the girl’s tutu also comes in their size (it does – creator Keely Deininger added adult sizes after being inundated with similar enquiries!).

Angel’s Face tutus now come in nearly 30 different colours, and are available in boutiques around the world. The range also includes the most gorgeous tops, cardigans, leggings and jackets, and this autumn/winter they’re introducing a stunning military-style wool coat (seriously, they are to-die for – you can see a photo in my Q&A with Angel’s Face creator and mum-of-three, Keely Deininger).

What do you think of Lil Sis’s ‘ballerina chic’? 

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• t-shirt and girl’s tutu provided for the purpose of review from the stunning range at ANGEL’S FACE


  1. I love that tutu and top. My little one what love these. So sweet and looks so well made. Such a gorgeous girl x

  2. Oh that outfit is so gorgeous! Just love the t-shirt with the wings! So perfect x
    Sonia recently posted…#Project365 – Week Thirty OneMy Profile

  3. What a gorgeous outfit on such a classic beauty! I’m not surprised she gets loads of compliments at parties!
    Circus Mum recently posted…Diono Quantum ReviewMy Profile

  4. I absolutely love this little tutu! My daughter was sent a similar one from another brand years ago and we made a punk rock music video with her in it. The complete flip side to your angelic daughter’s photos, lol! 🙂
    Elizabeth recently posted…Italian-Style Courgette & Basil SoupMy Profile

  5. Oh this is gorgeous! I’d love one for myself too!

  6. Such a cute tutu! I used to love wearing mine when I did ballet as a child. Just wish I had have stuck at it!

  7. Almost too lovely to wear but I bet this will be an outfit she remembers as an adult. #triumphanttales

    • I know what you mean! It’s such a pretty outfit I almost don’t want her to wear it, in case she spoils it! x

  8. What a lovely outfit. I like the tutu a lot. My daughter would love it.

  9. Those are some beautiful photos. I love the tutu, I never had one! x

  10. Oh wow this outfit is so cute! I’d prance all around if I could with this outfit! Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

  11. Oh my goodness this is beautiful! My little one would absolutely love a tutu like this.

  12. What a little princess She looks so lovely and the skirt is beautiful on her. i bet she was so pleased with her parcel. I think a tutu is most little girls dream. I know my daughter would adore a little tutu. xx

  13. Angel’s Face are truly beautiful aren’t they. We have a stunning grey one but I’ve never got round to taking photos – you’ve inspired me x
    Colette recently posted…In the Night Garden Live – A Guest ReviewMy Profile

  14. Wow! That tutu is stunning. I want one for myself haha x #TriumphantTales

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