A SPOT OF TEA WITH PORTMEIRION // afternoon tea week

portmeirion botanic blue afternoon tea main rainbow cake

When I first moved here from New Zealand 16 years ago there were many things that baffled me: why did everyone ignore each other on the tube? When they did talk, why did everyone keep asking me if I was ‘alright’?

And what was the obsession with tea?

Sure, I drank tea (truth be told, back them I was more of a flat white girl), but you guys had buckets of it.

I remember my first job, working as a journalist for That’s Life’ magazine in Camden, where it seemed like every five minutes the call would go up on the features desk: ‘Tea?’ After a while the other girls even developed hand signals, so they didn’t even need to speak – with a flick of wrist and a nod of the head a fresh brew would be on its way.

With unfailing British politeness my colleagues would always include me in the round, to the point where I actually got sick of smiling and shaking my head, ‘no thank you’.

Then something happened. I started suffering from insomnia, and stopped drinking coffee… and I discovered the utter joy of tea.

That first cup in the morning – piping hot, savouring those last few moment of peace before the girls wake up. After a busy day of rushing around – a few precious minutes of me-time, when I sit down, put my feet up and just breathe.

But my favourite has to be afternoon tea.

portmeirion botanic blue afternoon tea sandwiches

portmeirion botanic blue afternoon tea cup & saucer

portmeirion botanic blue afternoon tea cakes

Is there anything more quintessentially British than afternoon tea? Those teensy little sandwiches, the delicate cakes, the chink of fine china – it’s one of my best-loved English traditions.

Apparently, it was invented in the early nineteenth century by Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, who would enjoy a pot of tea and a light snack as a pick-me-up before dinner. She began inviting friends to join her, and before long ‘afternoon tea’ became a fashionable social event.

When PORTMEIRION invited us to celebrate Afternoon Tea Week with our very own garden party, I was instantly inspired by their timeless Botanic Blue range. It features a whimsical pattern of blue butterflies and dragonflies, fluttering through a ceramic English garden of sweet williams, daisies, lillies and sweet peas.

I knew straight away I wanted a plain white tablecloth and flowers (I’ve used the Botanic Blue water jug as a vase), as I didn’t want want anything to detract from the intricate details of that gorgeous design.

Set against a backdrop of lush green ivy, I could almost imagine we were in the grounds of an Oxford country manor, sipping tea with gloved hands, followed by a game of lawn croquet.

Who’s joining me for a spot of tea? 

portmeirion botanic blue afternoon tea

From left: Portmeirion Botanic Blue side plate, jug, side plate with pastry fork, cream jug, cake slice, cake stand, cup & saucer, teapot, sugar bowl with teaspoon

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  1. That rainbow cake looks amazing, I am in awe of how lovely it looks and the sandwiches look divine. Probably shouldn’t of read this when I am starving haha!

  2. I love afternoon tea and you made me chuckle about when you first moved here, it is definitely a British obsession haha

  3. I’ve recently got into tea after a lifetime as a coffee drinker, I never used to understand what the fuss was about. Always tastes better in proper china.
    John recently posted…What to Do in Tallinn – EstoniaMy Profile

  4. I visited Middleport Potteries in Stoke-on-Trent last month which sold these, and got the whole tour on how everything was made (from start to finish) – it’s so worth the price. As for the Afternoon Tea, it looks so tasty!

    Kayleigh x

  5. The same things baffled me when I first moved to the UK from France but hey, now I happily drink buckets of tea if it comes with a bunch of cakes, scones and finger sandwiches!
    Elodie recently posted…Transeasonal DressingMy Profile

  6. I am salivating this afternoon tea looks sooo scrummy. Love the botanic blue homewares too, so pretty 🙂 x

  7. This looks delicious and I am so in love with that tableware!! I’d love to have such a gorgeous set at home 🙂

  8. I didn’t even know Afternoon Tea Week was a thing! Ahhh I’m so gutted I missed it – though I don’t actually like “tea” tea, I love all the different herbal teas and green tea. This afternoon tea you were treated too looks amazing, the sandwiches are so full! And the tea set is beautiful, I’d love something like this in my new house x

  9. What an awesome post and I love this setup and the meal was so delicious and this makes me want to eat all.

  10. Afternoon tea is our favourite thing and I love anything Portmeirion usually but this is divine! Definitey my favourite design I’ve seen. x

  11. you can’t go wrong with afternoon tea! the backdrop and the porcelain is stunning

  12. We love a spot of tea and glad you have converted from coffee! What a lovely spread and we love afternoon tea too!

  13. My mom is a professional tea planner. She would love the china in your photos.

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