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Num Noms Lil sis close up

I’ll admit I had no idea what they were at first.

‘Mummy look!’ Lil Sis squealed excitedly, holding out something small and brightly coloured. ‘Oh, right it’s a..?’ I started. ‘They’re Num Noms,’ she finished. ‘This one is called Sadie Seeds, and she’s a strawberry, and guess what else?’

Before I had a chance to answer, she’d pressed it under my nose. ‘Smell it!’ she ordered. I took a sniff – ‘Mmmmm,’ I replied. ‘That’s strawberry?!’

‘Yes!’ she nodded. ‘They’re all different, and they all have their own smell, and they’re SO COOL!’ 

Then began a game where I had to close my eyes while she shoved various NUM NOMS under my nose, and I had to guess the flavour. ‘Ummmm… vanilla?’ I asked. ‘YES! Well done Mummy; this is Valerie Vanilla.’ Then came the next one: ‘Candy Floss?’ ‘Aww, you were so close Mummy; it’s actually watermelon – and her name is Melony Seeds.’

The girls spent the rest of the afternoon playing with their Num Noms, stopping every few minutes to give them a good sniff. For the next three weeks their pocket money went on – you guessed it – more Num Noms to add to their smelly collection. The individual ones came in little sealed containers, like yoghurt pots, so you didn’t know what you were getting until you opened it up. Each time they peeled back the top, their excitement was palpable.

Did I understand the fascination? Not entirely, but that didn’t really matter, as the girls were having so much fun, and I loved the way the way they’d spend hours inventing new games to play (and besides, when I was Big Sis’s age I collected pictures of Lady Diana that I cut out of the newspapers and magazines and glued into a scrapbook, so who am I to judge?!)

I’ve since discovered that there four different collections of Num Noms which a huge range of scents, from toasted marshmallow, to blueberry, to bacon – and part of the fun is to layer them to create different flavour combinations.

As well as the original Num Noms, you can now also get special edition ones that double as lip glosses, pencil toppers, stamps and nail polishes. There’s now a range of cute t-shirts, dresses and pyjamas you buy, and you can even get special cases to store and show off your collection.

Methinks I’ll be sniffing Num Noms for quite some time yet… 

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• we received a set of Num Noms for review – additional toys were bought by the girls themselves




  1. My 7 year old loves Num Noms… I don’t get the fascination with them… but then would it be weird if I did as an adult?

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