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From her very first day, when she walked into the reception with a cheery wave and without a backward glance, Big Sis has loved school.

She’s an August baby – nearly an entire year younger than some of her classmates – so it hasn’t always been easy for her to keep pace with the other students. She’s had moments when she’s battled to keep up, but she’s always made it through with tenacity and hard work.

So I was surprised when she confided she was worried about starting year five. ‘Why, sweetheart?’ I asked. ‘You usually love doing new things.’

‘I’m worried about the work,’ she replied ‘Every one keeps telling me how much harder it will be next year.’

‘Do you think you might like some extra help?’ I asked, and she nodded.

I talked it over with OH, and agreed that she needed a little boost – both in her schoolwork revision, and in her confidence. But we were also wary of overwhelming her, especially as her 11 Plus exams are looming the following year.

It’s important to me that my girls are encouraged – not pressured – to achieve their potential. Which is why the Educational Quizzes website seemed like the perfect compromise. This database is a goldmine of revision material, compiled by real-life teachers and quiz experts. It contains fun online worksheets for every school topic, carefully tailored around a child’s age and school year.

For £9.95 a month, you can get unlimited access to thousands of revision quizzes, tailored for every school children from KS1 to GCSE Physics. You just log in to the Educational Quizzes website, click on the subject you want to brush up on, then select the topic that interests you (ie: KS2 History, Pyramids and Mummies).

Alternatively, your school can sign up for the service and pay as little as £2 per student, per year, giving children and parents unfettered instant access to the service.

Press play, and then complete the multi-choice quiz. Each click immediately reveals if your answer is right, and corrects you if it isn’t, so children are either getting that instant validation, or continual reinforcement of the right information (I tried one, by the way, and it was really quite fun – like a game of Trivial Pursuit, but with actual curriculum information, rather than random facts!).

I’m a bit funny with homework; I understand the need for it, but don’t agree with kids putting in a full day at school, then being laden down with extra work once they get home – to me, that’s the time they should be playing with friends and putting on concerts in the back garden, and just being kids.

However, I genuinely wouldn’t mind getting Big Sis to run through one or two of these quizzes when she gets home, because they’re quick and fun, and they just don’t feel like work. In fact, she and I did one together on Ancient Egypt and she loved it (and she got more answers right than I did. Awkward.). 

With school holidays about to begin, the Educational Quizzes site is a great way to keep all that knowledge fresh in Big Sis’s mind, and help her segue more smoothly into Year 5.

Because fun learning is the best kind, right? 

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