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Casper luxury pillows

I didn’t truly appreciate the beauty of a great night’s sleep until I started suffering from insomnia about three years ago.

It comes and goes, but usually it’s kicked off by a period of stress (in fact I’m battling a bout of it right now, ignited by the worry of the general election, *sigh*). I’m not talking a restless night, I’m talking an entire night spent wide awake, until finally collapsing into sleep at four or five in the morning. Or falling asleep easily, only to jerk away an hour later.

It’s the most frustrating thing in the world, but it has given me a greater understanding of what OH – who’s had insomnia as long as I’ve known him – endures.

At its worst I tried anything and everything to get a handle on my sleepless nights – I gave up coffee (my lifeblood), and took over the counter sleep aids, and tried to get to the gym as often as possible. But the most effective change I made was to my bedding (do you remember me telling you a couple of years ago about my amazing DORMEO mattress?). 

OH always complains about his pillows – he’s allergic to the cheap polyester filling many are filled with, but finds feather pillows quickly lose their shape and become dense and uncomfortable.

So I’ve got a little surprise for him this Father’s Day…

I’ve got him a CASPER pillow – made by the sleep geniuses behind the memory foam Casper mattress – that should have him counting sheep in no time.

These luxury pillows have a unique design – the inner is filled with nearly a billion coated fibres, creating an adaptive, liquid-like feel that responds to movements through the night. The outer pillow is softer and filled with longer fibres to give it a plush, cushioning finish. Each fibre cluster is individually blown into the cover, preventing clumps and ensuring it always returns to its bounciest best.

The 100% cotton cover includes breathable percale weave, which allows air circulation and keeps you cool and relaxed – perfect for this muggy summer nights, AND the ergonomic design ensures superior neck support and spine alignment.

Lil Sis gallantly offered to trial the pillow – purely for research purposes, of course – and declared it: ‘Like sleeping on a fluffy cloud, Mummy!’.

Hmmm… now I’m wondering if I should keep it for myself… 

• pillow provided for the purpose of review


  1. Oooh that pillow sounds heavenly. I need to check this out as I love a good fluffy pillow to sleep on! xo
    Rachel recently posted…Father’s Day Scents with Fragrance DirectMy Profile

  2. Love the sound of a comfy night’s sleep thanks to these pillows! I definitely need to get one or two x
    Ashleigh recently posted…#FAMILYMADESIMPLE – WHAT FAMILY MEANS TO MEMy Profile

  3. My OH definitely needs one of those pillows! He’s quite allergic to cheap filling as well and a good pillow is definitely a great investment.

  4. Agree with every your word.
    Excellent if you are looking for a small, super flat pillow. My 18 month old likes it, and uses it at night. I’m going to get the bigger one for my 3-year-old. The cover is well made and we had had no issues with this pillow.

  5. i hate my pillow at the moment and have been looking at options, perfect timing!

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